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Ire & Ice
Crackpot Podcast 046

Welcome to episode 46 of the Crackpot Podcast! James and Lynn have a wide ranging discussion on fiction, the Roman military, John McCain and the New Mexico compound.

0:00:50 Yusef of the Dusk, font choices


0:07:26 Ire and Ice, Jericho Bone, Drink Deep of Night

0:14:03 Humans deserve it, James with the Mountain Men, Mountain Boomers

0:19:23 SLC has mudsharks

0:25:03 James' sympathy for urban drones, writing them into fiction

0:26:40 Roman military service compared to US Army

0:30:06 Taleb and Amazon suppression

0:31:45 K for Kindergarten, Taleb continued

0:36:59 McCain funeral

0:51:47 The future of statesmanship

0:55:04 Future of paleface men in the Dem party

0:57:07 American cuisine

0:57:55 Misogyny

0:59:45 The future of South Africa

1:02:29 Strip club economics

1:05:08 New Mexico compound

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Sam J.October 15, 2018 6:44 AM UTC

I won't comment or read your site any more. It's yours and you shouldn't be bothered by my comments. I don't wish to impose on you. Be happy and have a nice life.
responds:October 15, 2018 4:07 PM UTC

I've fairly enjoyed our interaction and I hope your new assignment for The Bureau is more satisfying.
Sam J.October 12, 2018 11:16 PM UTC

You mentioned comic sans so I looked it up and here's what Wikipedia has to say about it,

"...The typeface's widespread use, often in situations for which it was not intended, has been the subject of criticism and mockery...".

HAHHA. Hopefully you will take this in the lighthearted manner intended.

"Camp of the Sinners", "Camp of the Campers", "The Urban Swarm"

Nassim Nicholas Taleb-I suspect that some Meds are White and some are mixed enough to not be.

Odd rumor about McCain. Qanon predicted to the day when McCain would die. Some say McCain was convicted by a military court and put to death for treason related to the deep state. Several Doctors and nurses that dealt every day with the type brain cancer he was said to have said he had none of the signs. I don't know what happened to him except that what we are told is not true.

I don't know what McCain was really involved in but there is some evidence that the deep state wanted to destroy the military and see the US defeated in some sort of major war. I said many times before Hillary ran and her behavior reinforced my belief that it appeared to me that the Jews, or whoever, was attempting to start a a war between Russia/China vs USA to wipe all the major powers out.

I do not blame him for breaking under torture in Vietnam. He did, as far as I can tell, become one of the prime reasons we never got back the held back POW's. That I blame him for among other things.

It does appear that Trump is doing good things but it's totally mysterious what is really going. Trump seems to be on some things but others things he is letting slide some very nefarious things. It's very confusing what Trump is doing. I have no doubt he likes it that way.

Ow my balls for President

About the Muslims in the desert. This is one thing that Trump did good. He sent the FBI in and arrested all of them again after they were let go. I don't know what happened after that.

I agree with James that there's a group of untouchables. I "hope" that Trump is slowly corralling them by taking out their support piece by piece and he's not just "pretending" to do something but actually only delaying so that they can consolidate power further.

Isn't it nice to go somewhere and it's mostly Whites? I used to visit a friend above St. Louis and it was all Whites there. You go into a store or food place and it's not some surly Black person but someone who's just getting you what you need in a reasonably pleasant manner. The attitude is stark in it's difference. The Blacks act like they are doing you a favor. How dare you come into their store and bother them.
responds:October 13, 2018 2:20 AM UTC

You FBI goons are so helpful. I will be sad when you all take me away.