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'Hey Brother, Did You See the Fight Last Night?'
The Crackpot Mailbox: Carbon Mike Wants to Know

Thus began a conclave between two woke devils, Gotham's own magic negro and Baltimore's own white devil.

Carbon Mike had viewed the fight with a number of young martial artists and was disturbed, so he called the most disturbing dude he knows and we hashed it out.

Of course, the fight was an MMA event. I informed Carbon Mike that I no longer follow MMA, as the sport disgusts me with all the trash talking and I am so disgusted by the UFC in particular with the scumbag in charge, Dana White, encouraging pro wrestling style behavior and trash talking among his infantile stable of hip hop lifestyle jocks.

The fighter in question, is McNugget, Irish negro extraordinaire, the most ghetto African American in all of sports, who attacked a bus full of athletes, breaking glass in the eye of a lower paid jock, who humiliated his entire sport as did Mohamed Ali when he humiliated boxing as part of his pro wrestling antics, even as money man behaved with dignity for the first time in years.

Thanks to the Latino interest in boxing, and the waning of degenerate American interest in the Manly Art, boxing has once again been returned to the halls of honor among men even as MMA has taken the final step into abject degeneracy as a sweaty soap opera, fueled by the potential chaos involved with the absence of narrow means, the absence of weapons, of knives, and clubs and swords which could end lives at a wink and make hot heads pay for their sins immediately and impale themselves on a point with their impetuous lack of self control. You see, boxing preserves aspects of the duel as it forces artificial restrictions that would make discipline of an order similar to dueling self-control beneficial.

The fact that so many ways are open to win or lose an MMA bout does make it very hard to fix at the level boxing is fixed by the matchmakers, but it also permits highly athletic and poorly disciplined men like McNugget to win a fight through chance or high risk pashion-gambles on enough occasions to float a millionaire career.

I was glad to hear from Carbon Mike that his young friends were troubled by the fight ending in a riot, basically learned, coached and cultivated behavior encouraged by the circus manager appropriately named White.

I am currently hoping that boxing continues to increase its honor and MMA continues to go down the sissy, hip hop rabbit hole. An absolute descent into pro wrestling style sweaty soap opera might, as boxing's moral and masculine credit decline finally caused honor to bounce back up from its bowels when it hit bottom. MMA has become the ultimate emasculating spectacle where it was, 25 years ago, a chance to return men to prize-fighting in greater numbers. Today, as I check for fight results, the top of the list are discussions of what one fighter said to another fighter—not what they did in the ring. That is a 25 year life circle from heroes to zeroes—but what can be expected of men who fight in a cage like a trapped animal?

I hope we see a rise of dueling and stick fighting and the fall of MMA—a materialistic corpse that might hopefully give birth in it death throes to a resurgent sense of honor among men.

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