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Benevolent Darwinism
What is Your Stance on Rational Drug Legalization? A Man Question from Ishmael
My first observation is that modern, post-industrial civilization is not rational, not even sub-rational or pre-rational, but anti-rational…post rational. The trigger has been put into the infantile American psyche that no two persons have ever or can ever cooperate for their mutual benefit at the expense of a third party. For anyone in our society to imagine that this is so, that humans are cooperative and express this natural impulse at the expense of others, is to leap into the deepest, irredeemable well of anti-civil heresy, to believe in “conspiracy theories.” Recently, the High priest of the Neo-Con War Cult, a former cooperative POW, who devoted much energy to keeping uncooperative POWs locked away until they rotted in Southeast Asia, when he died he was accorded the same honors as assassinated presidents of the past. Why was J. M., the rich brat who could not win a Network TV debate with a meathead pro wrestler, advanced to American Sainthood?
Because he preserved the sacred American Media Cult, the central belief of which is the fanatic surety that NO TWO PEOPLE HAVE EVER COOPERATED FOR MUTUAL GAIN AT THE EXPENSE OF A THIRD PARTY.
Repeat this over and over again until you believe it and you will be a true blue American, a believer in the ultimate God—Government.
However, if you are one of the 5% of humans incapable of prostrating your soul to the anti-human, anti-rational Lie, consider that there is no way in which the illegal drug trade damages the U.S. Government. Indeed, in every measurable way, the War on Drugs, has strengthened the Federal Government. The truth is any addiction to mind altering substances strengthens government.
Drugs were once taboo in most religious-based societies because the altering of human thought was a threat to the altering of human thought monopoly that is mass religion. In modernity, religion has been supplanted largely by the worship of the state, by the elevation of a coercive polity to Godhood. The postmodern person worships progressively larger governing bodies in the exact way that ancient and medieval believers worshipped their anthropomorphized God. The 12 largest religious institutions in the U.S.A. currently work as sub-contractors to the U.S. Government in the resettlement of people in the communities they supposedly serve, with these people almost universally being hostile to those very religious institutions.
So, to suggest legalization of the most lethal and socially debilitating drugs is to threaten to cast God out of Heaven. Only drugs that are not easily trafficked, like alcohol and marijuana, due to their bulk, will be legalized without threatening to dethrone our master class.
However, if we were in a rational world, I would suggest that nothing other than doing harm to another human or their property would be illegal. All drugs would be legal. In this way, the losers among us who wish to commit slow suicide might do so without causing gang turf wars, fueling huge paramilitary organizations and not funding the assassination of minor heads of state who won’t play ball with multinational companies.
This will never happen.
I once interviewed a PIG over 5-7 sessions about 20 years ago concerning what he did for a living. He kicked in 711 doors in Baltimore City over the course of a few years. Governments exist to kick in doors. To legalize drug use would deprive the booted minions of our masters their door-kicking sacraments, like taking communion away from a catholic.
I think legalizing drugs would be bad.
Because the government program that is the for profit War on Drugs, is ostensibly targeted at preventing unauthorized use of brains. It is an easy sell to domesticated humans to convince them that our minds are the property of a higher power, such as God or Government. If mind-altering substances were made illegal, than within a decade, it would be illegal not to take drugs. Not taking drugs is already not permitted in many elementary schools where children must be drugged into conformity. The day the War on Drugs ends the War on Organic Autonomous Thought will shift into high gear. The government has already convinced most Americans to get high by declaring the process illegal and thus appealing, just like you can guarantee a child will sneak a cookie from the jar once you tell him it is forbidden. In the Garden of Modernity the forbidden fruit is drugs, placed there by a malevolent god to be taken. Once we are cast out from the false paradise what was forbidden shall become mandatory.
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Sam J.October 12, 2018 8:35 PM UTC

"...The day the War on Drugs ends the War on Organic Autonomous Thought will shift into high gear..."

Not to mention is he wasn't kicking in doors the police would soon be into pestering us all in a major way. I'm not sure what about but they would think up something.
AnonymousOctober 10, 2018 11:25 AM UTC

Cameron Diaz is so New America.
BobOctober 10, 2018 11:19 AM UTC

This is a good cost/benefit analysis of the subject and a moral commentary of the times:
BobOctober 10, 2018 5:51 AM UTC

That's so true. (Funnily enough, this was released in Spanish as "Barry Seal, Only in America".) Tom Cruise is excellent.