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‘Grim News’
How News and Government Skulpt, Obscure and Lie about Violent Crime: With 2017 Murderbowl Final Scores

As the news that the murderous sons of Baltimore shooting a 73-year-old black man in the face for looking at them collides with the mission of The Baltimore Sun to paint African Americans as helpless victims of a paternalistic plantation which must be corrected by establishing a maternalistic plantation and murders stay over 40 in the past 30 days, the fraudulent font of untruth which is The Baltimore Sun spewed lies to right and left.

As the 100% Ghost Guilt South Baltimore gentrification zone has been lethally shown to be an ebony-on-ivory predation zone, the front page of The Sunday Sun September 30, featured a story on 44 white-on-black lynchings in Maryland over 100 years instead of the 44 black-on-black and black-on-white murders in the past 30 days. Authored by a college professor of history, the article cited the now removed Chestnut Archive which showed that 27-29% [I’m operating from memory as the archive has been deleted] of men lynched in the U.S.A. over a hundred year period were Caucasian, and falsely claimed that those men were actually American Indians, Asians and Latinos and further claimed that Italians lynched in New Orleans for murdering law officers WERE NOT WHITE! There is also no mention of the white man, Leo Frank, who was lynched for killing a white girl, a crime his defense team and the national media had successfully blamed on a black man:

What is so outrageous about this is that the last three men lynched in the U.S. were Caucasian!

The link to the Chestnut Archive I used for this work years ago, which remains on my network page, is here:

Its removal proving that the truth is entirely toxic to the current system.

In the meantime, The Baltimore Sun has been doing an excellent job—thanks to a dedicated statistician—of updating homicides on the page below:

In the meantime, The Sun and the BPD have colluded in the falsification and underreporting of lesser violent crimes, which according to my own research and interviews have increased five to ten fold depending on the precinct. My Book, Autumn in a Dying City, in which I cover this miss-reporting was suppressed by Amazon and remains “on hold” and is available on Kindle for now. Last year they reported that murders were up and all other violent crime was down, although non-lethal violent crime had skyrocketed and murders with less deadly weapons have been steadily increasing. A great indication of the spike in violent crimes that has been erased by our hypnotists in media and law enforcement, is the fact that in Detroit—with half the population density per mile as Baltimore—a city which has long ago given up trying to maintain a façade of civility, in which the chief of police has even admitted to being car jacked, has half the murders per capita of Baltimore but higher numbers in all other violent crimes, even though non-corporate media reports of non-lethal violence in Baltimore have skyrocketed in the same time period.

For instance, in 2016, I was attacked 8 times and in 2017 was attacked 20 times in the same areas of Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

Lies aside, the media does truthfully report homicide rates for the time being.

Murderbowl Finals for 2017

Heavyweight Title

Cities over 1 million:

#1: The Memphis Muvafucas steel the lead with 28 per 100,000

#2: The Chicongo Chiraqs crush it with most overall killings for 24 in 100,000

#2: The Philadelphia Phatboyz take third with 20 in 100,000

Middleweight Title

In this, the largest division, of cities over 500,000, the leaders were;

#1: The Harm City Hoodrats [AKA Baltimore Bantus] with 56 per 100,000

#2: The Detroit Dindus with 40 per 100,000

#3: Milwaukee Mushmouths with 20 per 100,000

Lightweight Title

#1: Saint Louis Lips with 66 per 100,000

#2: District Heights, Maryland Mud Sharks with a recruitment and target base of only 6,000 souls, with 66 per 100,000

#3: East Saint Louis, Illinois Legitz, with 30 in 100,000

Pound-Per-Pound Title

As in most contact sports, the top finishers are in the lighter weights:

#1: Saint Louis Lips with 205 of 300,000 killed

#2: District Heights Maryland Mudsharks with 4 of 6,000 killed

#3: Harm City Hoodrats, with 342 of a disputed 600,000 killed [the goboment says around 617k while vacancy rates argue for 597k]

Baddest Hood in the Nation

Chicongo Chiraqs with 650 bodies dropped

Most Upgunned Hood

Southwest Baltimore shows a strong dedication to extermination even as the population has dropped, making for an evermore target-poor environment.

2018: 41 as of 10/10/18 over

2017: 45

2016: 36

2015: 50 Reparations Recovery Riots

2014: 29

2013: 26

2012: 31

2011: 28

2010: 22

2009: 24 Reparations Recovery Administration Inauguration

On the cover of the Wednesday, September 26 issue of The Baltimore Sun, next to the article City is No. 2 in Violent Crime, was a picture of Bill Cosby, in shackles, so bound by the police state that he needed aid moving, and one wonders, based on the number of murders Bill did not commit, if those shackles might be better fitted to a hip hop hitter?

-James, LaFond for the NYC Crime Report

Thought Crimes: Civil

Harm City


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Tex AlbrittonOctober 12, 2018 1:11 PM UTC

Backup links I made to, in sequence...


("The whole world as The Village.")
responds:October 12, 2018 6:13 PM UTC

Thanks, Tex.
LynnOctober 11, 2018 1:53 AM UTC

The pages are still available in the internet archive (for now) for those interested:

I also saved copies on my hard drive for posterity. It's 1984 every year!
responds:October 11, 2018 4:26 AM UTC

Thank you.

Theses links should go into the final volume.

Please do not let me forget.
BobOctober 11, 2018 12:41 AM UTC

Leo Frank was a Jew, and the ADL was established in the wake of his hanging to defend Jewish interests against white interests.