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'The Black Middle Class'
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1:36 AM UTC

Question: How many blacks do you think work in the market economy (%)?

I mean if we discount government jobs, racial quotas, affirmative action, the military, prison inmates & social welfare recipients, what percentage is actually left?

Isn't the black middle class, to the extend it exists, a completely government subsidized charade & media mirage?

One Grunt's Viewpoint

I can only answer this from my vantage point as a man who was born middle class, poor as a young man, working class in my majority, middle class for four years and now one of the poorest Americans alive.

In my entire 3 months in the Rocky Mountains I saw 5 blacks:

-a gay black male on a college field trip

-2 sex slave drones to mud sharks

-1 Mormon missionary kid—and there is no such thing as a non-working Mormon

-1 black babe at a liquor store

That is three subsidized individuals of 5, a high ratio to be sure. None were middle class.

Of personal East Coast friends there are 5 men in the market economy and 1 female educator, a subsidized person. That is roughly inverss to my Rocky Mountain scout. 4 of these 6 are middle class, the other 2 working class.

In Baltimore City, government jobs are overwhelmingly owned by blacks, with cops being 2 to 3 black to white and bus drivers 99 of 100. Both occupations only place one in the middle class if one is married to another like earner. I have had little contact with professional level blacks other than the surgeon who put my nose back together.

In the only business I have worked in, retail food, blacks are underrepresented at every level in comparison to the customer demographics. Only the top slots permit middle class entry and they are overwhelmingly white, with almost a third of whites in top earning spots being Jewish in a city with that demographic numbering far less than a third.

The drug trade, which is as heavily subsidized as law enforcement, as law enforcement expenses subsidize drug prices, is dominated by blacks and certainly fits your assertion.

Beyond these areas I would not know what I was talking about.

Thought Crimes: Civil

Harm City


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CCZOctober 11, 2018 4:58 PM UTC

This morning my attempt to access your site was blocked for a few hours by an "Account Suspended" notice. Problems??
responds:October 11, 2018 1:29 PM UTC

My bigbrained ghostman fixed it.

treating it as a test run to deal with more serious issues that are occurring elsewhere in my publishing empire.