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‘A Guy Named Vinegar’
An Overview of Carl Panzram’s Life of Enslavement, Rape, Arson & Murder

These guys sound like a bunch of irritating faggots but they have a lot of information and a good sense for narrative.

The turn of the 19th Century saw levels of corrections violence in juvenile facilities and penitentiaries that were hold over authority behaviors from the plantation era. Essentially, prisons were industrial slave institutions along the line of coal mines. If one listens to this very informative—if irritating—narrative one will then imbibe the true condition of the antiquitous and denied Caucasian slaves of Plantation America, kept alive I its last gasps as the “Corrections System.

Panzram actually worked in the slave trade in Africa. Most amazingly was Panzram’s record of prison breaks, man rapes and arsons. I doubt if any man ever hated the human world as much as Panzram. His letter to those advocating against his execution was precious.

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