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The Cinnamon Girl Whorl
A Fetching Negress Has A Question for White Daddy…

“Hi Baby,

Please don’t be the Ghetto Grocer. What you ate The Ghetto Gourmet Returns sounded terrible. I listened to your last podcast.


“You and Lynn are so funny. Can a Black chick be a mudshark?

“Love you & miss ya—always be your chocolate-drop.”


Okay, Ajay, White Daddy to the rescue…

Please, don’t leave my pale ass stranded out on Norf Avanew again and please pick me up at the I-95-Charles Street interchange…

As to your question, can a black chick be a mudshark?

This is fairly simple: yes and no.

Classically, mudsharks are white chicks who refuse to date any kind of man other than black men, for only these men can be relied upon to abandon their child with a higher degree of certainty than a Gallop Poll, thus leaving the baby’s mamma in charge of all welfare income.

To be a mudshark, a black chick must go one better, by not only demanding a man of African descent as a sperm donner, but demanding that that man be a committed jailbird, so that she will have no challenge in regard to the allocation of the guboment benefits due the bastard child.

Unfortunately, this results in a kind of discrimination. While any old white chick can earn her mud shark wings by getting knocked up by a negro fatha, you, as a lady of color, must get knocked up by a hopelessly incarcerated brutha…

…or cry out, “White Daddy, where are ya!”

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