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‘Demographics is Destiny...’
...& ‘The Truth is No Defense’ Nationalism in the Shadow of Empire - Nick Griffin (Myth20c - Ep87)
I have a brother-in-law from Britain who has given speeches in America reminding Americans that their ability to bear arms and speak their mind is the only thing standing between them and the dark night that has engulfed his nation.
Few Americans will concur.
Few Americans realize that Britain was a slave nation and that the first Americans of English ancestry were “planted” as slaves in this land to extract resources for the elite hierarchy of the MOTHER Nation.
Mother Nation is the key concept.
No nation who identifies as being of the mother may spawn free thinking and any ancient historian understands that the idea of Britannia, of an impregnated land, enshrined in the Roman Temple of Jupiter as a bitch on her knees supplicating to the masculine figure of Rome, can possibly be free. To the extent that America has a chance at rising above the sissy tide of degenerate Western Shivilization it is the extent to which the nation is identified with the masculine, if paternalistic, Uncle Sam, not some big-tit bitch on her knees awaiting to incubate an alien seed.
I have failed to effectively reproduce, having impregnated two worthy women, with only one child surviving birth. I have adopted one son and one granddaughter, but that is mere redemption, which counts for nothing in reality. This has encouraged me to attempt to affect the knowledge stream, as it has with many others. I have noted that virtually no one involved in Culturally Traditional knowledge preservation has reproduced, that most are childless, a few having one child and only very rarely having two or more children. Thus European identity is stillborn.
We and our sissy parents have cast our diminished children into the abyss. Yet, along with the guest on this episode, I suspect that our moral and demographic orphans will crawl forth from the abyss to rise above the seething mess we have wrought.
Having a TV in Britain means you are charged a media tax and if you do not pay you got to prison, even if you are a welfare mother?
How stupid are we to see Britain as the font of the impulse for individual freedom?
Thought Crimes: Capital
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