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Systemic Instinct
An Impression of T-Jay’s Confession
I have been reading the collected writings of an author I can’t seriously discuss on this site, in my name, without bringing down heat, so I’m referring to him simply as T-Jay.
Having been gifted this book by a good friend, I have determined in my own pea-brain that T-Jay was the prophet of our current age, the most insightful mind I have encountered in print, despite his buying into the cults of racism and global warming.
On a recent hike with a like-minded man he wondered out loud about the durability of the SYSTEM we live under, the way of life that is worship of greed as God and reverence for government as God’s church.
I answered, like so:
According to T-Jay, the system has been in crisis for some time as indicated by the high level of diversionary pursuits, drug use and ennui among the population and that the SYSTEM, like any living organism made up of less sentient living parts, has developed an instinct for self-preservation. For an artificial, man-made SYSTEM, self-preservation can mean only one thing, control of humanity, as the SYSTEM, being technology driven, continually dehumanizes the human space, and must either suppress, channel or alter human behaviors in order to survive.
In my opinion, the SYSTEM will only be able to achieve stability and longevity [at 250 years it is already at the median life expectancy of a coercive social system] via control of human reproduction and hence human nature, by turning domesticated humanity into bio-bots.
T-Jay’s main point considering the remaining life of the SYSTEM is this, that falling systemic returns require increased control over human behavior and that the frantic stage of censorship and government idolatry which we have recently entered [after he wrote his work] will, if it is successful in staving off system collapse, be followed by an even more energetic eradication of human individuality, that the lessoning of social friction as the masses meekly submit to their faceless master, will drive the largely instinctive post-modern entity which controls most aspects of our lives, to dictate every facet of our existence.
I agree, once human nature has been suppressed, the SYSTEM will sense instinctively—as its feminine nodes activate to hunt down every dissenter on their own initiative—that suppression is merely a temporary measure, that humanity will ultimately have to be altered, particularly in regards to eliminating the autonomous and self-identified aspects of the human consciousness.
So as things get worse, realize that we are only in the foothills of posthuman society, that the mountains of dehumanization ahead will be far more harrowing than what we experience now, so soon after the birth of the posthuman SYSTEM.
Thought Crimes: Against the Goddess
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