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The Aztec Factor
The Mexican Mormon War (Drug Cartels vs. Mormons Full Length) Vice

Back in 2013, before these liberal degenerates scored their HBO gig, they did good work and this is one of their honest, mangina’s-view perspectives on the strife in which real men are sometimes engaged.

The Mormons in this video come off as cut from the same cloth as the men I met on the Wasatch Back in Utah. Note how Poor, impoverished Mexico ends when it meets the Mormon People, and then somehow, with the same land, same government and same enemies the Mormons thrive where the half-Aztec, half Catholic mongrels all around live in self-imposed squalor. The unstated inference made by the bearded-clam, lard-ghost is that the difference is that the Mormon’s “have money,” as if it was given to them. Mormons were refugees with nothing but their genetic and cultural heritage and unique and very weird religion to separate them from the Mexicans they met when they colonized Northern Mexico in the days when bands of gunfighters from either side of the border were not safe and the fat fuck narrator infers some kind of white privilege which is not based in reality, but in the fantasy that some space ship of capitalist angels set down and dispensed mana to Mormons and not Mestizos.

The very thing that makes Mestizo Mexicans the most voracious and cohesive criminal cartels outside of Asia is the singer of blood religions—the meeting of Aztec and Spanish notions of sacrificial fatalism, which is stronger than mere Yankee money-grubbing as a religion but fails on contact with a Yankee version of blood-based mystical fatalism. Mormonism is like Catholicism for capitalists and has consistently produced remarkable fighting men and loyal women, something no other American sub-set has.

In terms of the 2nd Amendment, this film on the plight of unarmed Mexicans, makes one of the best arguments for gun ownership, made by stoner, liberal degenerates of the lowest order. If you know an American who is truly on the fence about gun control, this is the perfect vector to reach the tiny brain imbedded in the mass of apish emotion stewing in their idiot skull.

Below is a serious article on the subject sent by Riley.

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h/t Mike @ Cold Fury

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HenryOctober 19, 2018 4:05 PM UTC

Hey James,

Tying this into a previous article you had written about mushrooms and psychedelics, did you know that the Aztecs gave mushrooms to their captives before sacrificing them to make them docile? It was documented by many first-hand accounts both from Spaniards and the Aztecs themselves in manuscripts such as the Florentine Codex.

Yet oddly enough, this fact was omitted by early proponents of "psychedelics" like Gordon Wasson, who claimed there was no evidence to support this fact. Instead, he along with others (who just happened to have all kinds of intelligence connections) promoted them as the path to enlightenment and gave them a spiritual/religious significance. Makes you wonder what the real motive was.
responds:October 19, 2018 8:18 PM UTC


I did not know this. I know they used jalapeno smoke to burn the eyes of naughty children. the Aztecs were a very high functioning slave society so the shroons make sense.