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Worlds in Collision
WellRead Ed and James Discuss the Metaphysics of the Street Cred of Well Bred White Bread
“11 proud boys charged in NYC…When are they going to read your blog?”
-Mescaline Franklin
In my opinion, what we’re seeing is the clash of two opposing worldviews. On the one hand, we have Antifa; self-described enemies of this country. The irony here is that these pampered pansies don’t see that the very system they rail against allows them to stand in the streets and spew epithets at passersby and police, without the fear or danger of being disappeared in the night or mowed down by grazing fire, both activities which have been the part and parcel of the very system they endorse.
With few exceptions, their willingness to engage in fisticuffs seems limited to the “hit and run like hell” school, which usually only serves to enrage your opponent to the point that, when they finally catch up to you, they unleash all of that pent-up rage on to you.
Ultimately, Antifa are incompetent bitch-boys playing at war. The sad fact is that they WILL keep escalating until one or many of them get seriously maimed.
The Patriot Prayer Group, on the other hand, have failed to realize that trying to reason with someone who is screaming at you at the top of their lungs while their compatriots look for an opening to throw a cheap shot, is an exercise in futility. Antifa will never come around to their way of thinking because Antifa does not respect them. Violence is the only language they understand and Patriot Prayer seems extremely reticent about engaging.
I liken it to the actions of American soldiers early in WWII; Americans arrived in Europe with an innate sense of fair play, believing that Axis soldiers were much like themselves, especially since many of our troops had ties to the countries to which they were sent. They wallowed in naivete only to be engaged by a battle-hardened Wehrmacht, who thought nothing of back-shooting and bayonetting wounded soldiers.
Perhaps it is their misguided (and inaccurate) belief that Christians should not engage in violence, maybe they think that they are proving to be the better sort by not stooping to Antifa’s level. Whatever the reason, they are only accomplishing in emboldening their inferiors. And this increased boldness results in further escalation, which emboldens them further, and so on.
And THAT is where Patriot Prayer is making their mistake; they think that Antifa would come around to their way of thinking if they could just sit and have coffee together. They don’t realize that Antifa members have shed any semblance of commonality with Americans and want blood running in the streets. Until those that oppose Antifa understand this and are willing to do the necessary violence to cow them into civility, Antifa will own the streets.
There is one way in which this strange political violence mirrors more serious violence in the evil pit that spawned me. In Baltimore, criminals are like Antifa—in fact, one sees very close similarities between rich, white political violence actors and the poor, black criminals who remain free to scream obscenities at police and attack and tax civilians, even as civilian business owners, fathers, husbands and brothers will get the legal book thrown at them for any defensive, preventative or retaliatory violence. The curious dichotomy that those who support the system through their industry and abide by its laws by refraining from initiating aggression, are punished more severely than those who rampage across the face of society, is no mystery at all.
Antifa, like ebony undermen in our urban ghetto and suburban morality slums, are serving the post-political managerial state, the same organism which battles the political usurper of its puppet throne, by spreading menace and infusing the social subconscious with fear, for fear and menace are always the friends of the post-political social organism.
As for the prayer groups talking to the disciples of the New God on Behalf of the Old God, that must be inflating for the wan egos of the rabid fanatics.
I do think that this street violence does have a positive purpose, as people who think—those tiny number—can use these episodes as points of verbal intercourse in such discussions as this with those who our media state has rendered behaviorally illiterate.
I see Antifa as rabid collective useful to our owners.
Likewise, the Proud Boys and their ilk will serve the purposes of the master class as well, first and foremost by providing a basis for legislation specifically targeting any masculine fraternity in the U.S. which practices any type of combat art as a group function. It is more important, in terms of long term hive compliance to stop something like The Dog Brothers or Modern Agonistics than it is to punish parade behavior.
Going forward, we should remain conscious that parade-style crowd violence is to sustainable social conflict, what brandishing a weapon is to the serious duelist.
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BobOctober 19, 2018 1:21 AM UTC

@ Bryce:

Probably the Proud Boys don't even have an organized legal strategy or team in place or had coaching in advance of the street theatrics.

I bet many of those guys don't even have a private lawyer they know and trust to ring.
BobOctober 19, 2018 1:14 AM UTC

Bar-brawlers they are not, but at the Bar, Antifa can draw on a deep pool of aggressive, deep-pocketed and politically savvy pro bono lawyers. The other side will be bled dry by costs.

I think it was Shep (?) who highlighted the low-profile, low-budget but and highly successful legal advocacy work of Doug Ritter in liberalizing knife carry rights.
Bryce SharperOctober 18, 2018 5:19 AM UTC

The fact that they charged 11 Proud Boys when only a few appeared on camera means that they caught one bragging on social media or by some other means and he ratted out the others to bargain down to a lighter sentence.

What he should've said is, "I want my lawyer." Then he and the other 10 guys would've gone free.