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Fat Fucks on Deck!
Baltimore puts 230 desk officers on streets as murders mount: Jeremy Bentham & Justin W. R. Justice on Harm City Homicides

Murderbowl Update.

"Paperwork will ruin any military force."

-Lt. Gen. Lewis B. ‘Chesty Puller”, USMC, 1898 – 1971

After the ‘Purge’ comes the ‘Surge'.

It’s ‘all hands on deck’ for the Baltimore Police Department. 500 vacancies in the department? Omigosh! At this rate it won’t be long before the BPD sends out press gangs looking for new recruits.

Of course this begs the question of what these additional 230 officers will be expected to accomplish when they hit the mean streets of Harm City, eh? We know the criminal justice system in Baltimore, like in all the other major cities in the USA, plays ‘catch and release’ with violent criminals of the oppressed race for all sorts of serious crimes short of murder, just as if they WERE game fish the authorities wanted to see propagate. God forbid that you should fight crime by putting criminals in prison. Particularly criminals of the oppressed race.

Add to that the fact that the clearance rates for Homicide investigations in the ‘Hood is generally pretty dismal. There are usually no eye-witnesses and frequently no forensic evidence connecting any suspected perpetrators to the victims (especially when guns are employed). Nobody seen nuthin’. It’s even worse when the victim survives the assault. No snitchin’ you know. In Chicago the clearance rate for investigations of non-lethal shootings is only about 6%. The wounded victim has no idea who on earth would want to take a shot at him or for what reason. “We have a victim today who is an offender tomorrow. It's a vicious circle.”

But for the surveillance cameras that are mounted everywhere in the urban landscape these days the authorities wouldn’t be able to arrest anyone for any of these crimes. So this ‘surge’ is probably just more security theater and once it is over the killing will resume apace.

What could one do that would really halt this carnage, James? Short of replacing the entire population of Baltimore with Japanese that is. Would legalizing the illegal drug trade remove some of the incentive for these ghetto entrepreneurs to bust caps on one another? Or would a black market in dangerous drugs remain nevertheless, with the dope peddlers of the oppressed races still killing each other over market share?

-Jeremy "Lights on" Bentham

Baltimore puts 230 desk officers on streets as murders mount

Yo, nigga, we gotz tree bodies dropped on da sixteenth,

But one nigga dead on da seventeenth

En three niggas dry bled on da eighteenth

Fo 42 dead in 30 dayz!

Which mean our asses chimin' in da end o' dayz...

Talk about a come-from-behind team!

Not only have the Harm City Hoodrats lost numerous star players, they are exporting bitch league players to the suburbs and still making a run for the BOLD!

Okay, Jaramy, yo wonz a know how ta keep dis black-on-black attack at bay?

You said it brutha—da Godzilla worshiping Napanese!

Get jo ass a time machine en bring up dem gangstaz which rapaded Nanking!

That's right, a division of late 1930s Imperial Japanese troops should cleanse Baltimore once and for all...


We nuked dey asses?

Fo real?

Fo fuckin' real, Yo.

Oh, dis shid is bad—we need some Mongol muthafuckas up in hea!

Say what?

Yo, dat shid ain' realolistic!

Den yo asshole betta get real olastic!

Since Ju-lie, Baltimore has seen at least one murder per day, with the body count at 253 and mounting.

The Baltimore Orioles might have finished in last place, but the Harm City Hoodrats are making of this damned place a vast empty space.

-Justin W. R. Justice reporting

Thought Crimes: Civil

Harm City


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Mike_COctober 24, 2018 3:11 AM UTC


Oh for fucks sake. This looks like a bunch of Japanese whackjobs who masturbate furiously to thoughts of re-ascendant Imperial Japan under the stern yet benevolent rule of the true God-Emperor, descendant of Amaterasu and Susanoo, triumphantly wielding Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi as He leads Nippon to domination of a worldwide Greater Co-Prosperity Sphere.

Between the hysterically funny articles about "... on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination Submitted by Japan NGO Coalition against Racial Discrimination ..." (because it's hard to find a more racist people than the Japanese*) and the books by one Lin Jianliang (a Chinese** name for cover) it looks like a bad propaganda job.

*yes the Japanese are VERY racist. I frankly have no trouble with them (or anyone) thinking that way. I have trouble when they start acting like their supposed superiority gives them the right to use me and mine as they see fit.

** This Lin person seems to be a "Taiwan Independence" type. This is a political movement to kick out the mainlanders (KMT) who established the ROC-in-Exile on Formosa after losing to the Chicoms on the mainland. The best literal translation for what the "Taiwanese" call the hated mainlanders is actually German: auslanders. Now the irony is that the self-proclaimed Taiwanese are NOT the aboriginal inhabitants of Formosa. The Taiwan Independence people are themselves descendants of Fukianese and Cantonese invaders (circa the 1700s) who then got colonized by Japan and learned to enjoy kissing Japanese ass (the Chinese proverbial corresponding to "kissing ass" is "anus licking"—in the interests of trying to keep this family friendly, I thought I wouldn't mention that :-). The elite of that group came to see themselves as more affiliated with Japanese than Chinese.
BobOctober 21, 2018 12:43 AM UTC

The sinusoidal gypsy-Nazi cycle:
BobOctober 20, 2018 10:41 PM UTC

This one seems an appropriate use of iniated force:

Whereas this couple (German?!) didn't seem willing to enforce distance from their gypsy accosters - again, how much force will people use against a group of young women? Gypsies like knives, too.
BobOctober 20, 2018 9:58 PM UTC

I hasten to add that the Japanese treatment of Allied POWs in WWII was often in breach of the Geneva Convention and barbaric.

I had a relative by marriage who was conscripted to work as a slave on the Burma railway. Very strong guy, he survived, all skin and bones, while many of his fellow-POWs did not. Before I first had dinner with the guy, I was advised in confidence by other family under no cirumstances to suggest a rice dish. Too many bad memories.
BobOctober 20, 2018 3:06 AM UTC

I'm curious about child delinquents and what readers feel. Not MSM "youths" (☺), but gangs of very young boys of any race who work as a team stealing or extorting, washing windsreens (desired or not) etc..

The fear of harming a child (say 12 y.o. and up) is so inculcated and backstopped by the legal system, that being confronted by urchins is harrowing. In places like Brazil, Fagins exploit paternal weakness and legal indulgence to great effect. In numbers, and with drugs or weapons into the mix, Lilliputians could actually hurt.
responds:October 20, 2018 12:06 AM UTC

I know an FBI agent who was robbed by a squeegee kid.
BobOctober 20, 2018 2:28 AM UTC

Knowing Mr. LaFond's penchant for cool-headed revisionism of American history and tolerance of wrong-thinkers generally, I'm inviting readers to re-appraise the Nanking Massacre as a total crock.

"Even the KMT propaganda piece Record of Atrocities Committed by the Japanese Enemy published in July 1938, less than a year after the capture of Nanking, and produced in order to publicize acts of cruelty by the Japanese military, contained no criticism of any “massacre” in Nanking. As Higashinakano pointed out, it is clear there were no references to or criticism of any “massacre” in Nanking at the 300 or so press briefings, attended also by foreign journalists, held by the KMT government after the fall of Nanking. And thanks to the efforts of other “Nanking” Society members, such as Kobayashi Susumu and Fukunaga Shinjiro, it is also now clear that photographic evidence provided by China concerning the Nanking Incident contain not one single image proving that it took place.v As was pointed out by Mr. Kase, chairman of the Committee for the Examination of the Facts about Nanking, the entire affair was clearly trumped up by the so-called Tokyo Trial."

The site has more material refuting the massacre, but the "oversight" mentioned above should give pause.
responds:October 20, 2018 12:05 AM UTC

I'm willing to entertain a total revision of atrocities pending real investigations.