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‘Junior’ and the Bitch
A Case Study of Urban IQ and Vaginal Authority in Action

Witness the transparent lack of intelligence of Junior, “the Man with no Name,” who at every turn fails to adapt to the increasingly perilous situation as the encounter remorselessly devolves into conflict. This is the mentality of your attacker, this mushroom-brained idiot who cannot preserve his own life through decision making for even a half hour.

Also note the misplaced, maternal behavior of his unsavory beast woman as she tries to be a meat shield, actually places herself in what she expects to be a line of fire, in the bizarre feminist belief that her rancid pussy is so sacred that the funk will repel bullets. This bovine chlamydia vector is also a good example of the behavior of your attacker’s side kick, who may be his woman.

Of course, the aggressors in this incident are the police, the goon squad of the anarcho-tyranny police state. However, the inability of the buck hoodrat to negotiate, even against two armed men with unlimited backup, is reflective of his inability to extract himself from a verbal escalation or to perceive and understand your verbal warnings. This man was programed in the cradle to argue with authority figures and was then mentally disabled by state schools and environmental brain wasting. You will not be able to talk him into backing off. Your only hope to discourage men of such intelligence from attacking is to use body language to communicate with their animal instincts, as their rational brain is essentially lobotomized.

The refusal of the woman to cooperate with the police is typical urban passive aggression.

The insistence by the criminal that he can demand to speak to a superior instead of this officer is a behavior that most ebony martyr mothers inculcate into their children.

A Higher Plane of Sub-Rational Being

The belligerent teen slut in this video tries to enlist some guy named Max to fight the cops for her, then fights the cops herself and cries foul when she gets hit back.

Observe the pacing behavior of the feral bitch, this is a prelude to female bitch-streaming. Never try to assist, help, save, rescue or otherwise interact with a bitch-streaming whore. Also, at the end of the video notice how the white boys are acting like black women. This is a trend to watch and could result in an estrogenic cyclone at some point in the near, queer future.

Thought Crimes: Civil

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Boswald BollocksworthOctober 21, 2018 6:54 AM UTC

What pathetic situations. I'm not a particularly big fan of the cops, though I do live in a jurisdiction where they do a fairly good job of warding off the restless hordes and thus of propping up my SWPL existence.

The she-guido (guida? guidette? guidress?) in the second clip didn't once say "sir" that was her first mistake. "sir" is as much for one's own beneficial reminding of one's station, as for the cop. Or maybe her first mistake was to not repackage the wine coolers in a reusable container to at least give the cop the option looking the other way. Short term thinking, total lack of humility and grounding in reality. This is why the better quality people don't get arrested often.

I remember thinking back in the Trayvon days, when these body cams were being pushed, that it would work out for the best. The truth, as long as it is public for everyone, is usually going to improve things. I suppose the cops may in cases have the option of "losing" the footage when it's convenient, but putting that aside, the knowledge that everything's on camera at least lets the individual dealing with the cop know the rules, helping him to help himself not get shot. The po-lice is only going to shoot you when he's confident he's got the footage of you being an idiot, so don't be an idiot.
BobOctober 20, 2018 11:59 PM UTC


PoliceActivity releases invariably show police exercising forbearance and extending courtesy way beyond reasonable standards. How many bodycam recordings showing police in a less favorable light don't make it past the PR filter? How many times does the camera stay off? It's hard to get past the emotional appeal and make a balanced judgment.