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'Lily-White Skin'
Crackpot Mailbox: From Riley with a Sorrowful Sigh
The Irish Savant: No panacea
Anyone else notice an emerging theme on White Identity sites, especially those of the MGTOW variety, to the effect that White men should partner with north-east Asian women (China, Korea, Japan)? MGTOWs have given up on White women whom they see as unfeminine, competitive land-whales, uninterested in child-rearing or housework, with crazy ideas on their attractiveness and ready to legally strip you of your wealth and children if they get fed up of you. There are some attractions. Despite being classed as 'yellow' most NE Asians, especially Koreans and Japanese, have lily-white skin, paler in fact than many Caucasians. Then there's their high intelligence.....
James' Take
I have, in the past, suggested Eastern European and Asian women as alternatives to the rancid American fembot. Indeed, I have noted that Irish men and Korean women produce something akin to Johnny Wiessmiller the original Tarzan and Olympic swimming champion. I always found it ironic, having never met an actual white person who was not Japanese, that our degenerate race has permitted itself to be labeled as the absence of color, when we are in fact beige or pale. I would look at Arnold's bastard son by his Latina mistress as a man who is far more appreciative of his patrimony and emulative of his father than the landwhale's spawned by his full Caucasian wife. We are not just a genetic package, nor are we just a malleable mind as our masters claim, we are both and can be torn along those lines. I would point out that during the middle ages, Jewish men under Ottomon rule mated often with Slavic slave girls [the Arabic term slave comes into the English language along this miscegenation vector] and that the children of these men, despite sharing alien genes, have remained loyal to the tribe of their fathers not to the tribes of their mothers and this was accomplished according to matrilineal customs.
On the other hand, I had dinner with a beautiful and intelligent Caucasian woman who cannot find a man anywhere near her age bracket who is intelligent and masculine and "white." She asked me to stop suggesting that the few worthy white men out there go for women from outside the land of her lonely birth.
Look, there are so many queers, sissies, whiners, faggots, guilt miners and soul-stealers out there among Caucasian kind, that one should be able to rescue one of the women left behind by tis process. Keep in mind that these women will not be aggressive in this manner, seeking youout, because they want to preserve the traditial role of their gender. The men going their own way guys might as well suck dicks for they swish into the sunset of peoples by not taking a woman, breaking her, shaping her, impregnating her and then tolerating her disfunctions I return for bearing their children. If I were a successful writer I'd be putting babies in at least one woman, as there is such a target rich environment due to the crises levels of sissy male things that, in some other age, might have been men, but are instead slaves.
In another time I'd suggest picking the best of alien women. Howver, in our currrent age, when it is obvious that our pale races have been slated for extinction as a prelude to exterminating the other races, to make way for the race of golden-skinned drones envisioned by our masters, the most rebellious revolt against postmodernity possible is to have Caucasian babies, particularly of the Aryan line.
Thought Crimes: Capital
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Dirty Old ManOctober 21, 2018 4:24 PM UTC

I can’t impregnate them anymore due to losing my prostate to cancer! But if they need a good sticking I’ll give it to them...
responds:October 21, 2018 11:00 PM UTC

The Spartans at the Hot Gates kept fighting after their spears were shattered!
Boswald BollocksworthOctober 21, 2018 7:18 AM UTC

The example of the Labradoodle, the Labrador Retriever-Poodle cross, is illustrative here. Sometimes these dogs come out great, but quite often the cross is uneven and their behavior erratic. The advantage of breeding 'within population' is that the result is more stable, predictable. This may be why we see greater rates of mental illness and emotional volatility among extreme crosses: European-Mongolic, European-African.

As you say, the ultimate rebellion would be to turn a fully conditioned modern Anglo American women into a housewife. Another option is to find one of these conquistador babes. A lot of these Latin American broads are upwards of 75% Iberian ancestry and really physical specimens.
BobOctober 21, 2018 12:19 AM UTC

I laugh at guys with Asian women. Apart from signaling you're a loser, the moment that wedding ring is on, the demure, doting maiden from Pearl Buck's pen vanishes and in its place appears the Komodo dragon. The fearsome, fire-breathing gimme, gimme, gimme!

There can be serious problems with the progeny of mixed marriages. Hard to match for bone-marrow and other organ transplants. Mothers can have trouble bonding with their newborn if the latter doesn't closely resemble her.

And with race-based conflict almost inevitably rising as a reaction to enforced proximity, half-breeds will find themselves uncomfortably positioned between two hostile groups.
GooseOctober 20, 2018 7:22 PM UTC

JL: "taking a woman, breaking her, shaping her, ... "

What is the approximate cut-off age for this? It seems to me, once one is into her mid-twenties, her character is baked in, and an undesirable baggage is mostly packed - for life.
responds:October 21, 2018 2:25 PM UTC

Posted the answer as an article. Thanks.