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Taking a Woman, Breaking Her, Shaping Her
Crackpot Mailbox: Goose Asks about the Chronological Pliability of Estrogen Putty


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'Lily-White Skin'


7:22 PM UTC

JL: "taking a woman, breaking her, shaping her, ... "

What is the approximate cut-off age for this? It seems to me, once one is into her mid-twenties, her character is baked in, and an undesirable baggage is mostly packed - for life.

Goose, women are passive vessels, the more so when they pretend to heroics. Women that come to know themselves refer to themselves, very often, as slaves.

Age is a factor, in that the 25-35 year-old woman is locked into the mind-control matrix of her society far more often than not. The woman who is acted upon aggressively and constantly by society is largely immune to shaping by a man's hand and mind and absolutely beyond reshaping herself. Her urge to be shaped by a more powerful force may be satisfied by religion in the traditional sense but is more often satisfied by the civic religion of the PC matrix. If society and or men fail to impose their will on the needy woman she will put herself at the mercy of chemical intoxicants which will then shape her.

Everything above applies to emasculated civmales.

The surest way to take and shape a woman is to bust her maidenhead. For this reason society encourages unwed sex among 12-15 year old women as the norm, so that this opportunity must legally be presented to boys who can apply no positive element. Thus, the tabooing of being a 16-year-old virgin results in a sullied crop of late teenage sluts. The only way to overcome this slutdom is to apply a high level of sexual prowess to a dissatisfied slut in non-drug enhanced crisis and then begin repairing her.

The 16-35 year old woman is largely held in mind prison by the media and is unreachable unless she experiences a crisis and is lucky enough to find a man rather than a boy or a predator dispensing drugs. In this age group, the primary problem is that less than 10% of males are actually socially astute, emotionally stable and sexually potent, men, but rather eunuchs via media lobotomy. The traditional Christian myth that women have no sexual NEED, when in reality it surpasses the male DRIVE in depth, duration and intensity has cursed Western man to virtual sterility.

The problem is a two-way street. Just as most prime age women are held in a soul prison worshipping their false heroine image, they have almost no masculine options for companionship in their age range. Thus self-worship is the empty option they sink into—the miserable existence of being her own inadequate goddess.

Unfortunately, it takes until about age 40 for a woman to have a definitive sense of who she is—and this comes from numerous women telling me this. She is already in the danger zone for birthing and does not come fully to her senses—via menopausal insanity—until she is sterile. If I were financially fit and healthy enough to raise another family I would use my experience with middle aged women to remake a 30-year-old, but my time is past. I would suggest training up your sexual prowess and influence and understanding of women by practicing with cougars, MILFs and aging whores because women tend to be most definitively shaped post coitally, either to hate, distrust and resent men overall or to trust and identify with one man in particular, and usually exclusively. The slam dunk is transforming the virgin, but society is now designed to stigmatize any girl who is a virgin by 16 and thus deny the vulnerable virgin to the one person who is capable of helping her transform, which is the man, which socially, with men remaining adolescent until 35 and women entering slutdom by 15, is not possible—indeed, the 36-year-old man and the virgin pairing up is explicitly against the law.

So, Goose, my suggestion for taking, breaking and remaking a fertile woman is to find one in crisis who has not turned to drugs.

She has no drive.

She has needs.

You have no needs.

You have drive.

Its that simple.

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