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‘A Wolf’
Avoiding Racial Emasculation

I recently viewed an avowed ivory nationalist podcast on a network from which an interview with me was censored. I fully understand why the interview was taken down as I have become an object of corporate censorship and to be associated with my ideas on masculinity is hazardous and I therefore hold no hard feelings, only mention this as a fear marker. When looking into human behavioral patterns I form a mental map of a neighborhood, fraternity, martial arts association, etc., based on the fear markers that pop up. Significantly, on this positive viewing experience, which was mildly humorous and mildly informative, I noted another fear marker.

Of the three speakers, the most entertaining and expressive of the three, a man with actual geographical knowledge of Europe, which is unusual among Americans of all kinds, contributed to the ongoing discussion of how difficult it is to coexist with ebony Americans due to their extreme propensity for violent crime. He used as an analogy a description of a pet owned by a friend, not a dog, but a wolf and that you can tell by a glance at that predatory face that this wolf was an aggression vector, a dangerous creature that could not be taken lightly. He then compared that wolf to ebony men, who, according to him carry a similar latent menace. Actually, the true canine metaphor for the ebon criminal is his chosen pet, the American pitbull, a highly domesticated and hyper-violent product of inbred civilization, not the wolf, a product of nature.

Sadly, the point is well-made, that the majority of ebony Americans are willing to do violence to others for dominance or gain and that a majority of ivory Americans are not even willing to defend themselves, their beliefs or their loved ones at their own peril. Indeed ebony menace and ivory impotence is the meme of our age, well-articulated by Richboy Spencer when he Interviewed Paul Kersey about sports ball and both agreed at Richboy’s urging that ivory men are physically inferior to ebony men. It is an abomination for any race of men to regard themselves as inherently inferior.

This eminent opinion among ivory nationalists, that they need a government to protect them from ebony anarchists, is reprehensible, disgusting and symptomatic of state-sponsored emasculation. In the short term, when a state has declared one race to be combatants and another race to be noncombatants it effectively enslaves the noncombatant race behind a wall of fear. This form of functional racial division of one race as only physical and the other only mental, is dehumanizing to both races. This unnatural imposition also sets the stage for a meta-psychological reaction against the unanswered outrages bound to follow in the wake of one race’s emasculation in the face of another race’s retributive entitlement.

The process of reaction is underway as ivory identitarians first whine like women about the need for paramilitary bully squads to protect them as sheepdogs protect sheep. Ultimately, since the sheepdog role must be filled only by state and increasingly corporate actors, the second wave of sissy backlash will express itself as an upwelling of wolfish behavior from the ghost sheeple. This benefits first government and then corporate hierarchies even more, as the ghost sheeple are far more numerous than the assigned criminal race and the need to protect the minority against a perceived majority will accrue more power to the protecting force as it will necessarily have to increase in size.

So it goes, even as each race sees the power elite as a structure which any race might be able to use against the other, the power elite sees the game more clearly as it plays one race off against the other. Ultimately the harnessing of racial emasculation as a behavioral trigger to generate violent action and reaction is at the core of the Civilized structure. For even among the soft scions of Civilization, the prospect that every man of a given race is born to sissydom will ultimately raise the ire of those not suited to the myth of their soft vulnerability and resentful of the myth of the indomitable masculinity of the OTHER, thus renewing the cycle of social discord.

In any society, a forceful man who will describe the typical member of an enemy people as enjoying menacing superiority akin to that of a timber wolf over a lap dog [this is the analogy that was made] has essentially whispered to the Old Gods that it is time for their cleansing thunder to sweep him and the lesser number of his into deserved eternity.

Ironically, the morning after viewing this podcast, I saw a daytime talk show, the entire staff of which was made up of guilty ivory women, assertive ebony women and sissy ebony men, cavorting, dancing, joking, gossiping betraying the actual fact that the so-called wolves of men pointed out by the ivory nationalist are in fact the companions of the women and children of his own pale race and that his abject fear of the ebon man is akin to the fear of poodles, not wolves.

The ivory race needs to be cleansed of its prissy, primping waste.

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BillOctober 23, 2018 9:32 PM UTC

My personal rule, living in a fairly safe, well policed area, is to always cross the street so as to walk past menacing ebony Americans. I figure this isn’t the worst training for the times when I’m not in a safe area and need to give off that lack of fear.
responds:October 23, 2018 10:15 PM UTC

Yes, Bill, by crossing to the menacing side of the street you are doing a public service. This also has made me friends among ebony warriors who were appreciative of not being shunned as well as letting the young buck know that they were not spreading fear with me near.
LaManoOctober 23, 2018 2:45 PM UTC

Although I've not had a physical confrontation in the last few years with one, I have taken to heart your opinion (can't remember exactly how it was expressed in one of your books or blogs) that runs like "Nothing is scarier to a potential dindu attacker than a white man who they can sense isn't afraid of them".

If they can smell fear, they get more aggressive. If they can sense "watch out, man, he got sumpfin ...!" they'll tend to back down, even if the "sumpfin" isn't seen or isn't even a physical thing ...

We all need to quit acting afraid of them.
responds:October 23, 2018 9:19 PM UTC

This applied lack of fear is a method of breaking the behavioral rhythm , which, as fighters, we might equate to timing in our counterpunching arsenal.
Bran Mak SwornOctober 23, 2018 11:21 AM UTC

I would disagree slightly. On a natural level I would rate ebony vs ivory on a mostly level combat field with different natural skills but in our current western society I would argue ebony beats ivory 3 or 4 to 1.

The reason being they are raised in a more aggressive physical culture which lends them to a better combat capability and also even more so their culture promotes physic sports above all whereas ivory typically plays video games.

Typically anytime I am around youth packs of ebony and ivory the ivory are easily cowed by the more aggressive ivory.
responds:October 23, 2018 9:18 PM UTC

This, as you point out, is the actuality as far as projected aggression. But once the ebony aggressor meets an ivory aggressor it usually goes ivory, possibly because the only ivory aggressor out there is strong enough to have resisted his conditioning and already represents a selection.

Also, as Bob has noted, this is socially choreographed dance of meet puppets. In any such the subject who breaks the rhythm gains the advantage, thus, as we have both experienced, being the odd ghost boy who is not afraid gives us immediate psychological leverage.
BobOctober 23, 2018 6:46 AM UTC

Two dancers, one choreographer (hidden, offstage).
responds:October 23, 2018 9:23 PM UTC

Ultimately, the ghost boy and ebon boy being pitted together against each other in this dualistic dance of emasculation have the same enemy, the media conductors, academia indoctrinators, government goons and NGO puppet masters which have successfully programmed most members of each race to behave counter to their own self-interest.