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Collectivism versus Heroism
A Clear Look at Individuality and Hierarchy
We, simpering here in our bitter pool of tears at the end of masculine time have been conditioned by our domesticators, by our good shepherds, to see individualism as a state opposed to group identity, which is a third tier mind-fuck, as our artificial, passive, group identity is an attack on our distinctive, dynamic group identity by undermining our sense of distinction and is the very vector by which we have been atomized and rendered socially impotent.
We are taught that there is the collective and the individual, that there is nothing else and that therefore heroism is a lie. The idea of the collective and the negation of heroism go hand-in-hand. The ultimate goal of this indoctrination is to prevent heroic action, which is sacrificial agency, rather than the passive sacrifice we have been conditioned to accept as the model. We are supposed to revere the teacher on his cross, Gunge Din blowing his bugle to summon help rather than striking blow, CUNT sacrificial hero Chance, played by John Wayne in Rio Bravo who is a total cuckold of the law…
But how do we get to this sissy place, where even our heroes and gods suffer in passive obedience to the “hollow word of law?”
We get here by assigning ourselves the role of leaves before the wind or under the master’s rake, of mussels clinging to a pier, by accepting ourselves as a collection of powerless beings, by assigning our group identity in the passive sense, in terms of the flock, the school, the herd as THE COLLECTIVE, a whimpering, swaying reprehensible thing. We accept passive membership in such a way because we are weak or if not, because we are told that the collective is a hierarchy and we must get on the ladder. However, the fact is that the collective is not of the hierarchy but rather that which feeds the hierarchy. The hierarchy is the power structure of political evil squatting tier upon parasitic tier upon the enslaved collective, or the predatory pack that menaces the quivering collective, the hierarchy is not of the collective but above or outside of its bashful mass.
The flock, fold, herd, school, citizenry, electorate, most disgustingly “the body politic” these are passive groups or collectives. There predatory counterparts are largely rendered as expressions of negative group association and have true hierarchies. Where, hunters will tell you of herds of ungulates being led by females with males acting as loners or forming bachelor herds, most predatory packs are led my males [hyenas excepted]. Some examples of true hierarchies are:
All of these terms have negative connotations in civilized discourse.
These are also not collectives for a collective is merely food for a hierarchy, not the stuff of which it is made.
Where the collective suffocates and negates the individual, the hierarchy elevates him.
The man has a choice, of being the doer or the done, the hero or the drone. The superhero media invention is one of many cultural tools the parasitic macro-hierarchy employs to lure would be tribesmen into the collective fold, for that ideal negates the heroic as the superhero is extra-human and also obscenely submissive to the parasitic hierarchy. The man must begin with identifying the emasculating metaphors and slave words in his mind before he is ready to take his shot at the dragon Civilization which exists for no other reason than to eat us all.
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