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Is the Future Female?
Crackpot Mailbox: Banjo and James Discuss Co-Ed Locker Rooms

Another article stated she was still on full duty. Maybe she is just a mean bitch or maybe it is a cry for help (relaxation). Help meaning an aggressive, tied up hate fuck with a mild beating and strangulation. In the old days men and even highschool boys could put on some gloves and go at it for a couple rounds and quell the angst. In the age of emasculation and females in men's jobs, maybe these police stations need bdsm rooms to cool out these crabby bitches....these men are between a rock and a hard space. Can't beat these bitches down in the locker room and if they report it...snitches.

Is the future female?



Banjo and I have echanged babe stories and have both, as calm, cool and reserved personalities, expereinced the insane fervor and desperation of women seeking comfort from their responsibilities in traditional male roles. Indeed, I just recieved a call this morning from a woman in a management position who could not maintain any semblence of peace of mind without having a conversation in which I played the understanding daddy, even though she is my senior by a decade.

Of course, anytime a woman starts spouting off about needle dicks, pencil dicks and the like you may rest assured that she is sick and tired of the biggest dick in her life being her lonely clit and is in fact begging to be dick-slapped, pimp-slapped at least.

Is the future female?

With police departments and the military being rapidly and aggressively feminized, one is tempted to think that the future—as envisioned by our masters—is female. Indeed, the feminization of police and military is the most ominous sign that we are being managed towards a comprehensive police state, with mind control roles for the military alongside the police, who will become more and more dependent on military backup.

The gender war in the media is like the race war a stepping stone towards a greater goal. With constant attacks against the morality of ivory folk and men, we are seeing the first stage in monocropping the human race. Ivory genocide is the first step towards the one golden race. Elimination of men socially and eventually of freely reproducing males are stepping stones towards a genderless hive.

That is science-fiction and the future fact unless civilization implodes.

But in the short term, the elimination of masculinity, its outlawing, currently underway, will not carve a ruling niche for feminine life, but doom it, as the masculine and the feminine are a mutually dependent duality until now largely thriving in symbiosis and as soon as the feminine is deprived of the masculine it will scream shrilly for it and be silenced in her needy turn. This is so well understood by our vile shepherds that they have already begun the gender-fracturing process by placing transgenderism morally ahead of feminism, which will, in its turn be replaced by transhumanism.

If Civilization continues to advance along its course the following events will unfold:

-mandatory homosexuality

-mandatory transgenderism

-mandatory transhumanism...the Oblivion Upload.

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BoswaldOctober 25, 2018 10:45 PM UTC

And yet we see civilizations today with none of this female empowerment BS or tranny poison. China, Russia, Muslim countries come to mind. I think Japan too, even if they are weird. Is it just that they haven’t yet reached the stage of civilization that America has? They haven’t been rich enough, long enough? I would guess, James, as a Howardian, that you’d say yes. But I wonder if maybe civilization can be maintained in an acceptable zone, given a high enough male death rate and a will to keep it so.
responds:October 25, 2018 10:35 PM UTC

Thank you.

I will reply in article form.