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The Virtues of Tribalism
Adam G Swinder and James Discuss the Postmodern Hatred of Tribalism: Part 1
Adam G Swinder
commented on
‘Agreeable People Don’t Make Much Money’
9:33 PM UTC
James, could you do a piece on the importance of tribalism/the virtues of tribalism? All I've been hearing from my peers for the past several weeks is the evils of tribalism, and how 'there always has to be an enemy' whenever tribalism is involved. It's been very disconcerting to know that everyone around me seems so wrapped up in the idea that tribalism is something that is evil, and should be abolished along with everything else that came from the ancient world. A co-worker even said to me, "If your tribe does not include every member of the human race, you're doing it wrong."
This second question will be treated in a follow-up article.
Also, what do you consider more important: truth or loyalty? As it pertains to the tribe, versus those outside of the tribe. It is more important to be truthful to everyone, whether or not they are part of my group? Or do those who exist outside of the group not qualify to receive the truth?
James responded on Oct-23-2018 at 10:19 PM:
What a great question.
The current rabid anti-nationalism that we see in the “No borders, no nations” demonstrations and the NGO funded caravan from Central America to the U.S. Border is actually the last phase in macro-campaign to extinguish humanity. The extermination of the human being by THE SYSTEM is processing along the following trajectory, which is cyclic and has occurred before, most notably with Rome in the ancient world:
-1. Negation: tribal [specific cultural, ancestral] identities are amalgamated, weakened and negated by stages as the early modern state is formed.
-2. Aggregation: the late modern process by which people abandoned their specific racial identity such as Irish or Zulu, and adopted false zoological identities with no previous basis, such as White and Black and Asian that were so vast that in-kind identification had little cultural binding, thus surrendering core identity and distinctions. For instance Apaches are pressured to view themselves as Native Americans and not Apaches, while Native Americans of European ancestry are compelled to think of themselves as white, a macro-zoological term originated among non-European Caucasians to designated the Europeans they enslaved, which did not come into general use until the 1750s and did not supplant Christian as a macro-identitarian term until the 1860s.
-3. Atomization: the individual is now identified as a member of either-or-both a nation of millions or a race of billions, entities too vast for intimate identification, causing massive psychological crisis expressing itself in gang formation among youth with lingering racial identity, diversionary lifeways [like gaming] for those with no racial identity [consider the role playing importance of a character race which is denied in the reality of the player], almost total universal dependence on anti-depressants by middle-aged women and rampant drug addiction, alienation and decadence among various other segments of the population.
-4. Globalism: or denationalization is under progress and successfully so in places were national boundaries do not represent true ethno-racial boundaries such as Japan. Since national identity is false and represents no true cultural or racial identity in most cases, than it is easily erased by an appeal to a generic humanity. Thus the atomized individual has no natural connection, no external identity to buttress his individual identity and is lost and adrift once his false national identity has been erased, undermined, stolen, coopted by folks who hate him, etc. The human being is now vulnerable for automation.
-5. Gender: the remaining, universal binary distinction—originally serving to bind people together in mutual need at the most basic level—must be fractured into a variety of unsustainable SYSTEM-dependent genders.
6. Individual erasure, the extinguishing of the unique human spirit is the ultimate goal of this process, a process of gravity not planning. Before this point hopefully the SYSTEM dies.
Adam, the virtues are tribalism are distinction.
Culturally tribalism cannot be understood by the mind produced by modern education as we have been lied to about it from the cradle.
However, think of tribalism as a cultural mechanism for the preservation of humanity.
Tribalism prevents mono-cropping, which is the peril of any species—even plants. If we make of ourselves one homogenous species than we will be easily extinguished by a simple virus.
Think of tribalism in terms of governance, of a separation of powers, a bulwark against tyranny.
You and I, in Baltimore, worked among a lot of black men who retained more vestigial tribal identity than we did and one common saying among them was “How stupid can one man be?” which was a reminder that identified people act less intelligently than individuals and that the larger the group identified with the less intelligent the individual acts, which makes him more of a slave to The Man.
Conversely, the lone man, with no social pressure to cooperate will rarely reach his potential in the absence of the tension between his ego and his group identity. Take a man’s identity away and you rob him of the possibility of genius, which is the rational, subconscious end goal of any coercive political system, for if a social organism is to farm humans with a minimum of friction than the possibility of genius must be erased and genius arises along the line of tension created by the striving individual and the tribal entity.
The tribe is ultimately an extension of the clan, the family, the pack, the band, the gang and that is why all of these conceptions are now taboo, with infants in day care institutions instead of the arms of their grandparents.
If we look at the Amerindian societies that confronted the European menace, who lasted the longest against the conquistadors?
The civilized Mexicans in their millions were tricked and slaughtered by a band of mercenaries in 1519-21.
The civilized Incas were extinguished by a gang of marauders from 1532-72, an empire that took a hundred years to build at the expense of tribes taken down in roughly a third that time as a macro-ethnic polity by a gang of thugs.
The barbaric Apache tribesmen held out from 1542 to 1891, never losing to the conquistadors and only submitting to the modern U.S. military.
The Timucin of Florida lasted from 1513 to around 1800, never defeated by the Spanish, but only by a new tribe who the Spanish called “Runaways” and we call Seminoles.
Let’s go to Baltimore City, 2015, when three feral tribes of gangsters including The Black Guerilla Family and Crip 52, fought the 2,000 strong BPD to a draw and pillaged a city of 600,000 helpless people, who all thought of themselves as Baltimoreans, instead of Polacks, for instance. If the gangsters had been Vikings we’d have been in real trouble. In each of these encounters the smaller, more distinct entity prevailed, including when your brother, by himself, stopped five men armed with bats, grille lighters and gas can from coming up our street. Most importantly, the man like Ronnie, who acts individually for a group, is not possible without group distinction. Civilization is about the extermination of the heroic which is strictly an individual quality brought out by group identity. Ronnie identified himself as one of the last white men in his neighborhood—he had pride in something bigger than himself.
Consider the Conan character in the Robert E. Howard stories. Your gamer friends ought to be able to appreciate that. Who is he? He is Conan the Cimmerian, in every story identifying himself by his tribe as a matter of distinction, of stubborn pride. Never, in 20-odd stories does Conan meet another Cimmerian, yet alone in a civilized world, his identity is the well from which he draws his heroic substance. Achilles, Hector, Odysseus, Roland, Beowulf, Arthur none of these heroes were possible without their tribal identity.
Adam, this rampant hatred of the tribal in us is a form of mass self-hatred and amounts to a cultural suicide pact brokered by our unseen masters.
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BobOctober 27, 2018 2:50 AM UTC

"Agreeable people don't make money" is too reductive by half. *Societies* of agreeable people make for rich societies.

Division of labor - one of the few genuine wealth creators - is extended by high trust and high public morality. A reversion to the tribe means shrinking the division of labor. Even turn-the-other-cheek Christianity has material benefits (as well as the obvious pitfalls), avoiding the endless Montague-Capulet/Hatfield-McCoy trans-generational feuds.

Never forget the Amalekites!
BobOctober 27, 2018 1:59 AM UTC

The growth and centralization of government and its concomitant, a withering of localism and heterogeneity, would never have been possible were it not for the money hegemon. The jig was up in 1913 with Aldrich's Money Trust. Ditto for the Euro, homogenizer and destroyer of nations.

From a biological perspective (and assuming some degree of determinism), Europeans, even if they wanted to, couldn't quickly recreate the tribes. They effectively ended with Council of Adge in 506 A.D.. The proscription of consanguineous marriage allowed for the gradual evolution of today's open-minded, universalist European man.

By contrast, the consanguineous Middle East model is accompanied a particularist moral code:

I believe Europeans will not beat the tribes by becoming them, but by shrugging off the Tower of Babel mind-shackles and taking back the West neighborhood by neighborhood.

To win the existential struggle means not taking on Washington or Brussels, but shrinking from them. Start building from scratch on new, sound foundations.

The Sovietization of the West is destined to falter, leaving room for a regrowth of local governance and non-State institutions. The reset won't be pretty.