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The Usher
A Masculine Role for the Future
Yesterday I watched 21 news stories on the recent Synagogue shooting in Pittsburg and noticed a grave similarity to 9 attacks on Christian churches since 2012: the advanced age of the prey, averaging about 65 years at a glance at the 11 dead. The same day of news saw another school shooting, another huge predation trend in postmodern America. Local Baltimore area police departments announced that they would be providing protection for area synagogues, which they already do for maybe a hundred of the area schools.
But what about the hundreds of area Christian churches? A handful of temples and a hundred schools is one thing. The obvious answer is for religious congregations to provide their own protection. There are various problems with this solution.
-Congregations are shrinking and aging, providing less money and manpower for the job.
-In Baltimore, at least, a Jewish neighborhood watchman was prosecuted for defending his neighborhood against a teenage criminal, so there is the sectarian element to consider in culturally fractured municipalities.
-It is extremely difficult, in some municipalities to legally maintain a weapon even in one’s home, with the use of such means to prevent entrance to a business or home more problematical than to repel an attacker who has already entered and due to the forward facing, passive and elderly nature of the targets in a sanctuary entry must be denied.
-The reticence of congregations to permit armed members in their sanctuary, particularly Christian sanctuaries as the worship is essentially a collective act of peace focused on a sacrificial savior with a doctrine including the acceptance of not only a first blow but a second.
Current Models
-Of current religious congregations I know of only the Sikhs who have a temple defense doctrine.
-The current school security system, based on a single officer who is also tasked with internal student discipline, is ineffective.
-The clearest successful defensive effort was conducted by an unarmed, and older usher against an armed young man in Texas.
The Usher
In 2012, when I wrote Organa: the Malfunction of Trey Sorenson, a science fiction yarn set in the 24th Century, I postulated that a future ruled by corporations would require paramilitary ushers for private gatherings and that deployment in force would be impractical, that the usher would act as the core of a volunteer venue response force, assisted by off duty military and security personnel who would be compensated for their own work, in part by comp-vacation time on call at their R&R retreat.
The fact is, that the fragile psychology of the sanctuary predator, whose prey is disproportionately non-prime, female and passive, fixed in an away-facing and restricted space is such that any resistance is likely to be successful. The only ingredient necessary is to find one man per a congregation willing to die in defense of it. If this man is not present in your congregation, hire someone who will die for his soulless green god.
However, if your church is worth protecting, and I hope it is, the military aged men should organize a defense. If you are Catholic get out those old Knights of Columbus swords. I knew a Knight of Columbus who inadvertently stopped his own robbery by answering the door with the sword he was polishing in hand. Swords are perfect deterrent weapons and work well for interior defense. I once watched an Egyptian officer kill a gun-armed assassin with a sword at Sadat’s assassination.
If your protestant sensibilities decree against a sword than design a meat shield defense. I once saw two Irish gunmen defeated by a mob of about a dozen unarmed Irishmen. Most Christian denominations will prohibit any weapon on the grounds dedicated to their Faith, so I would suggest that a squad of ushers equipped with flashlights, in case the more likely power outage occurs, be fitted for bullet-proof vests and tasked with securing the sanctuary.
Realistically every sanctuary and children’s venue should be patrolled by two body-armored, long-gun-armed men on the exterior and two pistol-armed men on the interior.
Realistically, this is never going to happen in a sissy society, so unarmed suppression of a shooter should be drilled by the ushers. This easily deters simple robbery predation. I have escorted numerous helpless robbery targets while unarmed under the threat of numerous armed robbers who were simply put off by my presence as an interloping non-prey animal.
Realistically, four unarmed men willing to die can save a congregation from a lone shooter of the type conducting these killing while probably only sustaining two fatalities and two injuries.
These times of terror are just beginning and the phony protective system that you live under is just beginning to fail, so if you are a religious man, you might want to consider the safety of your congregation a sacred responsibility.
You deleted that, right?
Yeah, deleted.
Really, no culture, society, religion or other organization is going to survive for long after the men in it have decided it’s not worth fighting for.
If I owned a martial arts school every adult male student would have to provide this service once a month at a church, school or charity event, or act as a pall bearer to keep his membership.
Organa: The Malfunction of Tray Sorenson
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BobNovember 1, 2018 1:00 AM UTC

Fair enough. I agree on TRS, for what it's worth.
responds:November 1, 2018 10:15 AM UTC

Thank you, Sir.
BobOctober 30, 2018 11:37 PM UTC

I don't believe this is anything but an ADL/Deep State hoax, with no victims except the gullible public. I saw nothing that didn't look like a drill or a movie set. No mobile footage from individuals. Jews take their security extremely seriously (from memory, 94% DHS security grants go to Jewish groups). The timing is very suspicious.
responds:October 31, 2018 12:36 PM UTC

If I thought this was a false flag I would not have posted on the subject. I have my own strange ideas about the backing of the shooter, which I will keep to myself.

It is notable that when President Trump paid his respects that the national news cast I watched of him lighting a candle at the site of the attack referred to him as Mister Trump, the first president to my knowledge which the press has denied his office in this way. I watched a 60 Minutes episode in which a young interview subject was castigated by a reporter for referring to the president as "Obama," while our current press constantly calls President Trump "Trump."

I suspected initially that this might have been an attack on Trump and his Jewish relatives by a white nationalist and his deep state handlers—but that is just a crackpot snap opinion.

In my opinion current white nationalism as we know it is a Deep State Operation. I suspect that a number of White Nationalist intellectuals, media persons [such as members of the TRS crew] Slick Richy, Mister Vape Red Bull and others are Deep State agitators.

The only White Nationalist figures I regard as honest proponents of the white ethno-state view are intellectuals on the Counter Currents staff under Mister Johnson and, in his own merits, Mister Kevin McDonald.

For my own viability as a publisher I will not approve any more comments addressing the "reality" of the Squirrel Hill attacks—a neighborhood I actually knew pretty well in my youth. I will approve comments on the far more important subject of how religious people might protect their congregation from such attacks, no matter who is behind them. Trump did note that the temple should have had armed guards. Part of the reasoning behind this attack might have been to detract from the far more numerous attacks against Christians, which it has.

I see such acts from the vantage of those they serve and this attack only serves the Quasi-Military Deep State and any successful defense by a congregation of any faith will help arrest the expansion of the police state which threatens us all.

Going forward, since this is a combat oriented site, let's simply address the matter of defense and survival in the face of live threats and actual defensive measures within current constraints, which is something tangible that might help future congregations under the attacks that will come, from whichever dark corner they originate.
ClevelandOctober 30, 2018 4:47 PM UTC

Anecdotal but my church has a member dedicated to security. He stands perpendicular to the congregation, keeping an eye in case any “visitors” (would be Dylan Roofs) or I suppose regular members snap. It’s never been announced but I’ve been told he keeps a pistol under his suit jacket. Not as secure as it might be but it’s a lot better than nothing.
responds:October 31, 2018 11:16 AM UTC