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Deep State Agitators
Crackpot Mailbox: Discussing Culture War 5th Column with Banjo & James
I read your article titled Usher and the comments that followed.
This in particular "In my opinion current white nationalism as we know it is a Deep State Operation. I suspect that a number of White Nationalist intellectuals, media persons [such as members of the TRS crew] Slick Richy, Mister Vape Red Bull and others are Deep State agitators."
Many years ago I was speaking with a genius level friend of mine in a small town in Montana where he lived. He related a story that I thought about after reading your quote I listed above. My friend and his relative said they noticed a weird "neo-nazi/white supremacy" guy who came into the small town to proselytize his beliefs to anyone who would listen. The guy lived a few towns over and kept coming back trying to convince people to join him. I can't remember what exactly tipped my friend off but one day they guy came to town rabble rousing as usual. My friend said, "Hey, I know you....You work with the ADL." Or maybe it was JDL, something like that. The guy's jaw dropped and according to my friend and his relative, he went ghost white, stammered for a minute and high tailed it out of town. The guy never came back.
I think you made a good call stating that you won't approve anything about the reality of the event but rather will discuss self and other protection. People are fishing for you man. Be careful as your insight is needed now and into the future. There are too many intellectuals that haven't a clue as to the disgusting sound a man's head makes when it hits the concrete. And too many knuckleheads that are swayed by Toyota or nfl commercials. You span a gap between intellect and action.
Odd you mentioned, MacDonald as I just listened to him for the first time this morning and he came across as very well reasoned without the unnecessary antagonism that can accompany the subjects he spoke about.
I hope you are hanging in there.
Keep on keepin' on,
Thank you, Banjo.
Recently I had a discussion with a wise man who reminded me that he always looks at who benefited from an action before reacting. Yes, the people who benefit from one action [like the particular Deep State agency that benefitted from not preventing the 911 attacks by receiving 25,000 new recruits] might or might not be behind the attack, but might be triggered by the vast increase in power garnered from the attack to agitate for similar attacks. After all, what army does not want a war to fight?
There is also the fact that any empire built upon a culture now in decline will naturally fan discontent and identity politics downward towards the base of the social pyramid so that the base elements of society will attack one another rather than looking above at the master class. This is the mechanism by which the current ruling order seeks to transfer power from its aged self to its future self by transferring its residence from the eye at the top of the pyramid to the mind in the tower of power with many eyes and tentacles gathering information in a less hierarchal way. This has made the media a more efficient priesthood of power than the clergy, who are now left as quivering nodes to be prodded and plucked and affixed with a cow bell to lead the remaining moral steers under their sway up the meat chute of souls.
I am absolutely certain that I have been contacted by numerous deep state agitators—not to say government agents—but agents of discord who seek to compromise my tiny literary platform of weird sanity. Men come to this site to get some reprieve from the nonsense, badsense and hate flooding from our every source of information. As Alex Nicholson pointed out to me in an unrecorded phone conversation before my last appearance on Myth of the 20th Century, it is no accident that I have been censored for reminding men not to fight along racial lines and not to get sucked into political strife and street brawls and such, yet many openly agitating for either violence and/or regime change remained uncensored.
I don’t vote, don’t care which dark lord rules from his tower of lies and recommend among other things that no man goes to a polling place to vote that no man marches in the sissy streets and that every man unplugs from mass media and that men remain free in their own mind and the roughly 3 by 6 space God gave them.
I don’t even concern myself with the helpless 52% of the human race.
I am no threat to the unconquerable machine that rules.
I am only a threat to certain bloody-minded interest groups who would like to add my handful of readers to the street wars they wish to profit from.
Thought Crimes: Capital
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BoswaldNovember 1, 2018 4:29 PM UTC

The only way to operate is to ask oneself “what would *they* want me to do?” And then refuse to do that.