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A Pay Wall?
A Reader Querry

As I pull back from writing news and events commentary I am sure I will miss it.

I have tried to find a person to set up a pay wall news site—something like patreon but not PC vulnerable—and have failed. I don't want Lynn doing it because of other deplatforming issues.

I don't want to make a dime off of this, so if you have a scheme for being my pay wall news publisher, the pittance is yours.

The publisher would have to set up and post, with me having no relationship with the platform. I'd suggest some kind of subscription with no open posts and, beginning in 2019, would be wiling to write on news and such under those conditions. Also, since I do not follow the news—at all—I'd need to be cued by the publisher and willing to do a post a day.

If this interests you as a reader or publisher contact me via the comments or by email.

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