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Hornless Bulls and Aliases
Crackpot Mailbox: Banjo of Banjoville Has News of Our Emasculation Nation
2:05 PM (41 minutes ago)
Hey James,
Glad you are back online and posting. I hope you can find a way to raise a pay wall and keep writing unencumbered by those who take part in the destruction of free speech. Your writing is one of the few things I look forward to reading online whilst grinding away in the [deleted]. In light of the increased scrutiny you face online and in an attempt to avoid shrapnel would you please continue to maintain my alias? The John/Andy thing is confusing. [deleted] I respect people like yourself that have stepped outside of the monetary system in spite of the repercussions of moving against the tsunami of mind entanglement that forces us back into our pens like dairy cows. Keep on keepin' on.
And speaking of dairy cows....
This is probably the de-maling (probably not a word...yet!) future. Bulls with no horns, pigs with no testicles. As the article concludes (ominously? presciently?), "I see that as a first step to other possibilities," he said.
Take Good Care....and if anyone contacts you about wanting a stickfighting partner in [deleted] please get them in touch with me. I have not heard back from [deleted].
-[deleted] Banjo aka Banjowillie
Banjo, they are literally coming for our nuts.
As a man from the high west I'm sure you understand that any domesticated animal that falls under human control, gets his testicles cut off. Our dogs are not only inbred but castrated. The great slave societies of the The House of Islam castrated their Englishmen and Africans when they brought them into the Middle East. From a state control perspective our Media Drug Culture has functionally castrated about half of our men. In the future, men like myself will be forcibly castrated.
The emasculation phases, like barter, coinage, cash, checks, credit and crypto-currency exist as a layered continuum on a relentless trajectory:
-1. Civilization, the notion of passively accepted, malleable, hierarchically-assigned masculine identity
-2. Ennui, the socially sterile condition resulting from acceptance of civil notions
-3. Degeneracy, beginning with diversion and progressing through addiction to physical sterility [including lowered sex drive and lack of attraction to the opposite sex], to guilt, to self-loathing and ultimately suicide and/or gender reassignment, homosexuality or celibacy
-4. "Detoxification," socially driven sexual reassignment, such as peer pressure and social norms recalibrated to glorify sexual reassignment
Western Civilization, circa 2019, is at this point in the trajectory.
-5. Demasculation, forced sexual reorientation [including mandatory homosexual intercourse] reassignment, involuntary surgery and /or hormonal therapy]
-6. Gender engineering, the ultimate goal, with corporate entities monopolizing human reproduction, with preconception assignment of gender based on corporate needs and market demands: Female & Male [with homo sexual, heterosexual and bisexual orientations] with females preferred for compliance, Andys [sterile bio-bots engineered from a female fetus], Drones [sterile bio-bots engineered from a male fetus], Nonsexual templates, and numerous other variations, including clutch birthing of hyper-cohesive brother and sister teams. All of the above will be adapted to InfoTech implantation on the low end and bio-psychological programing on the high end
-7. Regendering Endgame, the outlawing of organic human reproduction by which only the super elite will be permitted to purchase organic reproduction rights, eventually resulting in deity lineages.
I have no reason to expect the following, but rather have a hunch that deity lineages will naturally seek this outcome, based partially on the realization that InfoTech moguls will be the patriarchs of these deity lineages.
-8. Hypothetical, the uploading of deity lineage consciousness into a pantheon network for the actualization of divine ascent expressed as absolute control of the maimed remnants of lower humanity as physical, mental and spiritual chattel.
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BobNovember 18, 2018 1:27 AM UTC

Well I guess it's inevitable, there are so many tigers' penises to go around and many, many Chinese long on cash and short on wood.
LaManoNovember 16, 2018 11:07 PM UTC

I got a bit of a chuckle when I read:

"In the future, men like myself will be forcibly castrated."

There's only a couple of ways that can be read, and the contingency of either one of them happening is extremely remote.

Shoot, not even men like MYSELF will be forcibly castrated ....
responds:November 17, 2018 11:31 AM UTC

By "men like myself" I meant men who do not apologize for having been born male.

Many pre-modern states practiced extensive forced castration. The cycle will repeat. Our own English heritage [I mean American] was based in a society in which castration, done publicly, was a common judicial punishment—albeit part of an execution—as this was an early modern society.

Do note that chemical castration is still used in our time and will be ramped up even as psychological castration is embraced along with voluntary physical castration of children—my Man, we are only a generation away from guys like us being dragged away and castrated and our junk being sold to Chinese herbalists as an aphrodisiac.