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4Th Scapegoat this Year
Fitzgerald, Fort Worth Chief of Police, Nominated as Next Harm City Fall Guy

The news has apparently triggered a spate of Chicongo Flu amongst Harm City shooters as the four shootings last night resulted in only one fatality. Of course, after dropping three bodies on Friday the boyz needed some time to retool…

City Council members are even flying to Fort Worth to interview people in government and community activist NGOs to triangulate an opinion on the next sacrificial bull. Being the Chief of Police in Baltimore is like being the head coach of a losing NFL franchise.

Mister Fitzgerald began his police career in Philthadephia and headed the police force of Pennsylvania shithole town Allentown. Hence, he has dealt with very similar crime patterns and should be a good pick. Everyone except for the gangs and the BPD is of the opinion that the next chief must come from outside the BPD, which is one of the most corrupt police departments in the First World, with an estimated 35% of officers actively engaged in crime.

The current kill rate in Baltimore, Maryland stands, on 11/18/18 at 274, placing the Harm City Hoodrats well within range of the 2018 Middleweight Crown.

Nice Day for a Funeral

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