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‘For the People?’
A Man Question from Ishmael

“I thought this nation was supposed to have been founded by the people, of the people and for the people. What happened to that, or was that a lie?”


Sir, it was not a lie, not when the nation was founded. People understood their world as it was and knew who “The people” were. In fact, the Founding Fathers, a pack of back-stabbing, disloyal, cutthroat scoundrels, honestly stated and preserved for the ages, who the people were. This is detailed in agonizing specificity in The Greatest Lie Ever Sold, soon to be banned at an online retailer near you…

America was founded by and for:

Free men [which meant only about a third of American humans], and, one must understand, that no one who owed a debt was free in that society. So, if we look at who America was founded for, and we look around at those around us, it was only founded for people who were:

-1. Debt free [how many of our readers are debt free?]

-2. Free of criminal conviction [convicts and ex-convicts were excluded]

-3. Moneyed, any person who was penniless was not wanted

-4. Housed, no person who was homeless was supposed to enjoy the protections and rights sanctified by the young nation

Consider all of the people you know.

How many would be welcomed by the Founding Fathers?

According to the article linked below peak earning years are also peak debt years, which conforms to Plantation America, in which a third of the population spent their prime as slaves and another third spent their entire life as slaves.

According to the link below 25% of Americans were debt free in 2017, compared to 14% in 2015.

In Plantation America, debt was the big factor in determining one’s social desirability, but not the only one. For instance, I carry no debt, but am homeless so would have been excluded from U.S. citizenship at the nation’s founding.

So, in my estimation, America is still for the people it was founded to insure their liberty: property owners, bankers, investors, land speculators, successful business owners, that is the 20-25% of the people who are debt free, are not broke, are not homeless and who have not been convicted of a crime.

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Jeremy BenthamNovember 19, 2018 10:08 PM UTC

“You will be made to care”

-Eric Erikson, Red State

“The Minority is Always Right”.

“Enemy of the People” - Henrik Ibsen, 1828 – 1906, Norwegian playwright

“The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”

-Malcolm X, 1925-1965

P.S. I should hasten to add that your dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs in the country, Ishmael, no doubt arises in part from the fact that the sentiments of the putative majority of the people no longer seems to hold sway in America, as was the case for over two centuries. Instead a minority of Leftist, deep state-protected, perpetual malcontents and weirdo’s gets to dictate terms to the majority of normal people and demand that the normies care about ridiculous things they have no reason whatsoever to care about. Which is completely ass backwards from the way most of us were taught our representative democracy is supposed to work. You know, that ‘the majority rules’. Now the minority rules (or the ‘minorities’ as is generally the case). They always get their way with the assistance of the Leftist controlled court system and the media. This inversion is just the way the political Left wants things to be, until they become the majority and rule unopposed. In many regions of the country the Leftist (Democrat) voter IS the majority now, due to demographic change (like in NY state). The last election has shown us a number of important developments: 1. that many states are as perfectly divided between the political Left and Right as is the country as a whole, so all future elections will be whisker close. 2. That the Globalist Left is prepared to steal these whisker close elections for the Democrats. 3. That the number of white voters is shrinking due to the demographic shift brought about by mass immigration, particularly illegal mass immigration. The portion of white voters in the American electorate has shrunk form 90% in 1990 to 72% in 2018. Only whites vote Republican; people of color vote over whelmingly Democrat. At the rate this population replacement is proceeding the USA will be a poor Spanish-speaking country before the end of the 21st Century. So Ishmael, there are already a whole lot of people in this country, both native born whites and immigrants of color, who don’t think like you and don’t value the same things you do, and their vote counts as much as yours’ does. The People still rule, but you’re not part of that ‘People’. 4. The last two national elections have ALSO shown that a large portion of the ‘American People’ hates the culture of political correctness that has been imposed on them by this vocal and influential minority. Regardless though , the Globalist Left is determined to rule and to transform the country, so to dispirit, discourage and intimidate that majority the Left and their minions intend to rub the collective noses of their opposition in political correctness and diversity every-single-chance-they-get. Especially the whites. ESPECIALLY the whites. Like James says whites are the only ethnicity that regularly and successfully overthrows governments. So the message is, you no longer have a say in how your country or your community is run YT, so give it up and get with the program. Accept your punishment and it will go easier on you. The chaos will continue unless and until the country breaks up into separate polities, as the different minority identity groups come into direct conflict with one another and the Globalist Leftist elite proves incapable, and generally uninterested, in maintaining order.
LaManoNovember 19, 2018 10:06 PM UTC

"So, in my estimation, America is still for the people it was founded to insure their liberty: property owners, bankers, investors, land speculators, successful business owners, that is the 20-25% of the people who are debt free, are not broke, are not homeless and who have not been convicted of a crime."

I'll take issue with a bit of that.

"Property Owners" - Yes, and that's because the only people who paid ANY taxes in the 18th century were property owners. There was no sales tax, no income tax, no gas tax. The only people with "skin in the game" were property owners. We're quickly reaching the tipping point, unimagined by the founders, where more people vote for a living than work for a living. 2% of the people pay 50% of the Federal taxes - 50% of the people pay 95% of the Federal taxes, and 45% of the country pays no Federal tax at all - they just draw from it.

Once people realize that they can just vote themselves more money from the public treasury (Progtards), the republic is doomed. We're close. If the only people who could vote were those who paid taxes, we'd be a lot closer to the way it 'posed ta be.

"Debt free" - Debt isn't the same thing that it was in 1780. Debt was something that a free man didn't need, and that he could be put in jail for if he promised to pay money back and didn't; it was simply stealing to not pay a debt back. Today, debt's just another financial tool, something that all of use every day. Most of us are in debt for 40 years or more of our lives to pay for a house, but it's not something we can be put in jail for - if you don't pay back the mortgage money, they take your (their, actually) house, not put you in jail. The country is still organized so that debtors are part of it with no stigma.

"Homeless" - No different than it used to be. You yourself chose a lifestyle where you chose not to have a place to "live", either by renting or buying. That choice has been good for US, your constant readers, because you've had a life as a result that has enriched the lives of the rest of us through your experiential writing, but it doesn't cut you out of being American.

And the typical "homeless" that we see on the streets didn't exist in 1780 because they died before they could BE homeless. They're not homeless because there's no shelter for them; they're homeless because they're so consumed by their addictions that they can't live in a shelter. Shelters don't, can't, won't allow wild drunks, meth-heads, prostitutes, and opium eaters to tear down their shelters and prevent other people from living there, the people that just need a hand up, a leg up.

Back THEN, if you made the decision to spend your life smoking opium or chugging forty-rod, it was a short life and no one had to care for you. NOW, we keep addicts alive for 40 years with social welfare and spend all our time wringing our hands about "Why Do People Have To Be Homeless In This Wealthy Country?"

So I think it was still White Property-Owning Males Over the Age of 25 that the founders had in mind. White because blacks weren't considered human at that time ("cursed of Ham" or "descendants of the spawn of Cain and an Ape", much like Jews were considered "untermenschen" by the Nazis or like unborn babies are considered by people today - non-human and therefore slaughterable in wholesale lots), Property-Owning because you had to have skin in the game absent an income tax, Males because women didn't (don't) have the mindset for nation-running, and Over 25 because until then, you're still shitting yellow and don't have a clue. I didn't, and neither did anyone I knew ...

So not so far off, in my estimation.
Jeremy BenthamNovember 19, 2018 5:14 PM UTC

"The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men."

-Plato, 427-347 B.C.

"Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard."

—H.L. Mencken, 1880 - 1956

“In America the People appoint both those who make the laws and those who execute them; the people form the jury which punishes breaches of the law. The institutions are democratic not only in principle but also in all their developments; thus the people directly nominate their representatives and generally choose them annually so as to hold them more completely dependent. So direction really comes from the people, and though the form of government is representative, it is clear that the opinions, prejudices, interests, and even passions of the people can find no lasting obstacles preventing them from being manifest in the daily conduct of society. In the United States, as in all countries where the people reign, the majority rules in the name of the people. The majority is chiefly composed of peaceful citizens who by taste and interest sincerely desire the well-being of the country. They are surrounded by the constant agitation of parties seeking to draw them in and to enlist their support.”

– Alexis de Tocqueville. “Democracy in America”- Vol. I , Part II, Chapter I, “Why it Can be Strictly Said that the People Govern in the United States, 1838, p. 173.

“Stop bellyaching about Washington. All the country’s best fascists are on your local city council.”

-John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.) Brisbane, Australia, Dissecting Leftism BlogSpot.

“Liberalism is the unhappy people in a nation trying to make everyone who is happy as miserable as the leftists are – and they are willing to destroy themselves and the nation to do it.”

– Anonymous Conservative 2016

Ishmael, I must assume your rhetorical question is an expression of your disappointment at the current state of affairs in our country. Then to peel back the onion slightly and provide at least a partial answer for you, I must ask one of my own: what makes you believe that government in the USA, both at local and national level, is not executing the will of the American People? At least some of those people who reside within its borders? Not everyone wants what you or I might consider to be right, just and /or productive. For example not everyone thinks that welfare and section eight are problems in our society, but they DO think that people like you owning guns is a serious problem (when are you going to rid yourself of them?). In a representative democracy like ours the tireless busybodies and the discontented often run the organs of government and so the contented people must be on their guard and pay attention to what is going on, least they lose their property and liberty. America’s Founding Fathers were afraid of dictatorship, so they created a system of government that was so slow and inefficient in its operations that no single person could take it over. “A republic, if you can keep it” as Ben Franklin opined. We should probably quit blaming the Founding Fathers for our inability to manage our affairs today and for giving power over our lives, both directly and indirectly, to too many people who shouldn’t have it. Although I can imagine it would have simplified things if Thomas Jefferson had written in the Declaration of Independence that “all heterosexual, Christian, European white men are created equal”, then everyone who was not in that category would know enough to stay away from this racist, sexist, homophobic, capitalistic country instead of lining up to get inside so they can get their free stuff and then complain loudly about the injustice of everything on a full belly.