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Can Civilization be Maintained?
Crackpot Mailbox: Boswald and James Discuss Civilized Options for Humanity

Replying to this comment by Boswald

And yet we see civilizations today with none of this female empowerment BS or tranny poison. China, Russia, Muslim countries come to mind. I think Japan too, even if they are weird. Is it just that they haven’t yet reached the stage of civilization that America has? They haven’t been rich enough, long enough? I would guess, James, as a Howardian, that you’d say yes. But I wonder if maybe civilization can be maintained in an acceptable zone, given a high enough male death rate and a will to keep it so.


Men living under Islam suffer from its own peculiar strains of emasculation which I am not willing to discuss.

Boswald, I think Russia and China have thus far escaped general emasculation because they were protected by communism, which was such a blunt instrument of mind control that no one believed it outside of American universities. Once the lie collapsed into a more traditional authoritarian form these peoples were able to resume being human. It was as if the world tried to prison rape mankind and turn him into a simpering queer. In this analogy the Soviet Union and Communist China were like impotent sumo wrestlers or eunuchs with no capacity for the crucial emasculating act. By contrast, Western Civilization played the prison gay card and offered limited contact and better accommodations and slowly seduced the West into sissified softness.

Realizing that the bulk of my reads dislike the line of inquiry, I have persisted with the Barbarism versus Civilization discussion as an exercise which I am hoping has pointed out that Civilization is not all good and Barbarism was not all bad, that indeed many of our most ancient practices, such as family, honor, loyalty, art, prayer and combat have pre-civilized origins. Of course, dentistry and the internet are also positive aspects of life. Barbarism alone is kind of nasty as is civilization without the above-listed qualities.

The one thing which is ruthlessly being scrubbed and diverted by post-modern society is the very barbaric, pre-civilized aspect that most informs the man who admits what he is, our seeking instinct, our desire to know what is over that next horizon whether inward or outward. Also, on a practical basis, seeking new frontiers is the only chance that man, the biological organism, has to survive the eventual impacts with comets and meteors and the death of the sun. The current belief by most science-fiction enthusiasts that interplanetary travel is not feasible and interstellar travel not possible, is, in my opinion a symptom of one or two things:

-1. Mankind has reached a spiritual dead end and is turning inward, which might [hopefully] result in a new version of our kind emerging from the eventual ruin of our sorry end and another chance at attaining the stars.

-2. Mankind is committing suicide and will succeed.

In terms of maintaining civilization as a decent, progressive entity, I think that the only possibility is to reignite the barbaric seeking capacity within us and harness our almost extinguished tribalism in a race to settle beyond this planet. If our ancestors truly did reach the moon a half century ago, and we now stand better at every technical matter involved in the undertaking and yet unable to repeat their deeds, than the only rational explanation for our failure to return is that we have lost our spark and we now lay down to sleep or die, that we are no better than the Easter islanders who burnt their last boats and cut down their last tree to perish in lazy self-hatred at the edge of everywhere.

Boswald, I think that if we cannot become searchers again, we will devolve into a feedlot of doomed souls. And what would be so surprising about us not becoming the first civilization to survive itself?

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