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Ebony on Ghost Cultural Appropriation
Jeremey Bentham and James Discuss Our Last Bastion of Distinction

Hey James. It looks like one of America’s most prolific serial killer may turn out to be an African-American man. How do you like that? That kind of shoots down the contemporary narrative about serial murder being the exclusive pervue of white men , eh? He may even beat out Herman Webster Mudgett, 1861 –1896, (AKA Dr. Henry Howard Holmes and H. H. Holmes). Certainly he will when it comes to confirmed kills since Mudgett is credited with 9 known murders and up to 200 probable’s.

Who’s says there isn’t equality and equal opportunity in this country?

He claims he’s America’s deadliest serial killer with 90 victims. Police believe him.’s-america’s-deadliest-serial-killer-with-90-victims-police-believe-him/ar-BBPUnOR?ocid=spartandhp

Jeremy, I gave my opinion away in the subtitle. I do realize that most of our serial killers are oppressed urbanites, meeting the Federal Blowjob Inversion criteria of three patterned kills, but have always been proud of the image of the ghost man as the most prolific butcher of humanity. And now even that storied myth is being appropriated!

Seriously, serial killing, let's call it prolific slaughter, is almost exclusively a symptom of racial solidarity.

Who killed the most Africans? Shaka Zulu

Who killed the Most Asians? Mao, Pol Pot—no, Genghis Khan?

Who killed the most Europeans? Hitler by a long shot with something like 15 million Russians on his hands.

Native Americans? the Aztecs, hands down.

I think what really intrigues us about what we call modern serial killers is that they are demonstrating high agency of the sort reserved for governments and their rulers, for whom we are merely the tools for fulfilling their intentions.

I am interested in this man and wondering if he might be an ebon Panzram, who is one of my favorites. I think serial killers, at a certain level, strike back at what we non-killers are utterly tormented by: the civic religion of modernity and its living government god—which is as bloody-jowled as any Aztec deity. Serial killers are closer to the ancient heroes of myth in psychology and agency than any modern notion of the hero we harbor in our sentimental sloth.

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