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Faith, Family Survival
Bryce is Online

Bryce Sharper is one of our critical thinking guest commentators.

As a vicious heathen who pines for the return of the Old Gods, in these end times, I ironically found myself seeing eye-to-eye with breeding Christians of the unusual kind who seek to survive rather than commit familial suicide.

Bryce is keener-witted than most of the big brains on the dissident right and I'm glad he's got his own platform up and running.

Check him out at:

Notes on Sponsors

My dozen or so sponsors are sponsors of a moral kind, who support the entire dissident presence by posting online honest content not aimed at our manipulation but simply as a gift of information. These people are not financially supporting my crimes against ascendant inhumanity and often disagree with me on many things.

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Faith, Family Survival

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