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‘Yes, Mum’
Bodyguard, a Netflix BBC Series
An Afghan War vet recommended this episodic drama to me, saying that the terrorism depicted was as authentic as could be on a relatively low budget. A British veteran of the ongoing Afghan debacle is taking his children home to his estranged wife on a train when he stops a sharia wife and husband from blowing up the train. He repeatedly resists demands from ranking feminist officers who rashly wish to shoot the bomber rather than talk her down as he did.
His female supervisor then promotes him to bodyguard of the middle-aged psycho-bitch cougar home secretary, who is a war hawk who he deeply resents for sending him into a pointless war. I have no idea how accurate any of this is as the last thing I am is a student of the modern British state or recent dirty wars. However, I see this as another example, like Hold the Dark, of a filmmaker subverting the politically correct monster that is Netflix, by making all of the most powerful players in the drama female. In fact, the bodyguard says “Yes Mum” and “Mum” so often I could pick no other title for the review. The protagonist is a realistically written and well-acted masculine protagonist who splits his time between the three tasks I have imagined for my Sunset Saga and Organa heroes in a secular Goddess Earth future:
-1. Calming down raging psycho-bitches in peril and command by asserting the man’s crucial leadership advantage unpossessed by women—even fantasy TV heroines—which is a cool head in a crisis.
-2. Combating bad guys in the course of his protective duties.
-3. Fucking his overstressed boss stupid, completing the three-part duty package of the future masculine actionist in the feminist police state of the future, by using his phallic ability to un-stress the pressure-addled mind of the Head-Bitch-in Charge.
Watching this series with my lady friend, I said, “He’s going to have to bed his boss by episode four,” to this Megan snarked, “Oh, I know bitches and she’s going to be riding that stud by episode three.”
My cynical co-viewer was correct, another extremely accurate old-school movie trope which appears in this film, which is the absolute truth that when you save a woman’s life, unless she is your blood, she will have a strong, irrational drive to become your sexual possession.
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WellRead EdNovember 28, 2018 12:10 AM UTC

You have accurately exposed the recent subterfuge in Hollywood; use PC-approved characters to put forth decidedly un-PC opinions. Personally, I see the influx of foreign media into Netflix as a mixed blessing; they come with some refreshing views but, since I am mono-lingual, I tire of reading subtitles.

As for the nuances of British politics? I am of the opinion that a revolution was fought, by far better men than I, to insure that we never had to think of the Royals and their ilk ever again.