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Hitting 278
The Harm City Hoodrats Recover from Food Coma to Drop Three Bodies on Skanksgiving Weekend

But can the boyz break 300 for the fourth year in a row?

One problem is lack of focus. As their runners, little cousins and lockouts are shipped to the county on the Federally mandated initiative to resettle hoodrat broods into outlying Baltimore County, many Harm City Hoodrats have been moving into the business of hunting white rabbits for their valuables and huffing and puffing and blowing down the doors of their rabbit warrens rather than risk slinging dope in the baddest hood north of the Rio Grande.

Upscale Hunt Valley, Cockeysville and Dulaney Valley and middleclass Lutherville and Timonium have, over the past year, become walkthrough zones for Reparations Recovery Agents. Although these areas are 90% ghost, the school buses emptying on York Road disgorge nothing but martyr children, the bussing of oppressed students from high crime areas already in full bloom.

A typical example of ghost harvesting by ebon agents of the SCHYSTEM occurred in Towson, two miles north of the DMZ at a playground, used by ebon day care operators and ghost breeders alike, pushing little whelps in salt and pepper harmony upon the idyllic swings...

A male ghost breeder was playing with his toddler daughter early in the afternoon when a car pulled up and three Reparations Recover Agents dismounted in full glory. These men were innocent, unarmed and righteous—wielding a pistol, which was not fired, only pointed, preserving their unarmed status according to media interpretations of the Chuck Norris Rule—and informed the ghost parent that they had had enough of him whipping them at the pole, forcing them into the tobacco fields before daybreak, raping their mothers and sisters and otherwise oppressing them to provide for his many comforts, including his extravagant breeding of this ghost child who might enslave their as yet unborn children in some evil future...

Daylight holdups of ghost parents by packs of globalist enforcers are one of the surest signs that a neighborhood has reached the point of no return and that ghost evacuation is imminent. In light of such expenditures of human resources by Harm City Hoodrats in the cause of terrorizing ghost folk in surrounding municipalities, it amazes this sportswriter that they remain on the Urban League Murderbowl Championship trajectory, currently on course to send 308 Baltimoreans into the Yoafta.

Well done, son!

-Justin W. R. Justice reporting from the Urban Cryptology Institute

Right on White Time: The Black Spring Manual for Reparations Recover Agents with Justin W. R. Justice and T. Spoone Slickens

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