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Urban 'PTSD'
Tales from Harm City High

Taken from 3 TV news broadcasts on 12/3-4/18 and a interview with a 28-year-old Baltimore City Teacher.

According to one Baltimore City School employee many city schools have assaults on teachers by students "almost every day."

One teacher, videoed being punched and cursed by a student asked that there be no punishment and offered to adopt the parentless waif.

A young ebon man in gray hoody stood in an educational meeting and spoke of counseling.

One teacher stated that she believed that these children are victims of PTSD and should be loved.

The CEO of Baltimore City Schools, along with a panel of experts, including a ranking BPD police officer, declared that the violent students who assault teachers should not be suspended or expelled or punished but given counseling. One counselor to a class has been recommended, including student counselors.

"Faith leaders" are also involved with plans for Jesus, Allah and various Haitian and African deities to eliminate violence in schools. Religious mentors, including the faith-based thug in the gray hoodie, are being dispatched to sooth the school thugery.

One young lady who "graduated at the top of my class" with "a masters in education" has been assigned to one of the worst schools in Baltimore City, in Southeast Baltimore, where teachers are attacked daily by students. She stated to her principal that if she was attacked she would call 911, to which the principal said:

"If you call the police you will be terminated immediately. Police are never to be called to a black school. This violence is you're fault, because you are illiterate in black culture. If you become literate in black culture you have no fear... Violence in black schools has only one cause and it is you!"

The small, female, ghost teacher, wondering exactly why all school violence by ebon children was caused by her cultural ignorance, then asked what she was supposed to do to protect herself, to which the principal said:

"Learn how to conduct yourself among black children!"

To this statement the interviewer, Baltimore's own Violence Guy, an author of over a dozen books on conducting one's ghostly self among ebon youth, suggested his own body of work as a starting point for the illumination of the adorable 95 pounds of fearful Aryan womanhood, as well his open and welcoming arms of hairy-backed comfort. Whether the shiver that shook her was due to her recent trauma or the visualization of her tiny hands grasping at yeti back hair in her last extremity is open to speculation...

Waking Up in Indian Country: Harm City: 2015

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