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All the World Will Be A Shithole
Crackpot Mailbox: Erique and Riley Want to Know...

Frog grenadiers, hurling soft-ball sized stones, clear barriers to what, exactly?

Sent from Riley

Surely a rough day at the office for the frog pigs.

The politics do not interest me.

However, I place great esoteric value on the harming of statist human combatants.

Might I suggest more teamwork in bringing a steady supply of rocks to the front, teams of backpack-wearing rock bearers each providing munitions for a good throwing unit to pour a heavier cascade of stone upon the oppressor force.

I am interested in what you think about four prominent members of Black Lives Matter dying suspiciously over the past couple months, one supposedly hanging himself in his mother's yard and one young guy dying of a heart attack. Links to the three related cases can be found in the linked article.


These four suicide/accidental deaths remind me of numerous recent police rulings that certain people involved in the Vegas shooting, the Baltimore drug corruption trial and the October 2018 duct-taped dunking of two girls in the Hudson River. When the guys in the sunglasses and black suits show up from Agency X, medical examiners tow the line.

Who benefits?

As a globalist front organization, funded by non-African-Americans supposedly for African-Americans, BLM is a problem for its handers waiting to happen. It was founded to critically destabilize already failing American cities by an NGO which also funds the "No Borders, No Nations" effort. The purpose is to take the very real plight of urban African-Americans and pretend to champion their cause while burning down their neighborhoods and destabilizing the local police so that they will eventually be replaced by federal police, federal troops and ultimately NGO funded military contractors.

However, BLM, since it has a mission statement for an identity, might, one day, become an actual Pro-African American militia force in a balkanized nation, which would work against it's funder's international agenda. One day, the funders will purge BLM leadership for this reason. But for now, I have the three following ideas as to what might be behind this obvious case of political assassination and police cover-up.

1. Cops who have suffered from BLM assassinations and riots might have established a death squad, or more likely, a death squad fund using organized crime hit men to kill BLM leaders in exchange for evidence magically disappearing.

2. BLM funders might be hungry for attention and hoping to stirrup internal race war politics in the U.S.A. to pull attention away from their failed efforts to dissolve the Mexican-American border. All current Leftist NGOs have Get Trump as mission one and that guy seems too strong on external threats and more open to internal threats.

3. A federal agency specializing in internal security wants more work and a bigger budget so they are stirring the social discord pot in firm confidence that local law enforcement will do everything possible to screw up the investigation on general pig versus thug principals.

My favorite pick is number 1 and the most likely pick is #2 as militant Leftist organizations have exactly a 100 year track record of killing more of their own in internal purges than their unimaginative right wing enemies do with death squads.

Thought Crimes: Capital



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c7December 9, 2018 5:38 PM UTC

good stuff here, in case you never saw this
responds:December 9, 2018 12:01 PM UTC

Cochrane on Howard—I can't wait. Thanks