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'Spewing Hate'
2 Woke 2 Fuck with Pat Dixon on a Ghostly Guilt Roundup

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Pat Dixon

1:46 PM (1 hour ago)

Hello - if you're on this list, you are a person who I have reason to hope will tolerate this intrusion, and maybe even do me a huge favor by clicking "subscribe" on a brand new (hilarious) satirical podcast, 2 WOKE 2 F.

This is the episode:

Your click will go a long way toward potentially putting this show on a chart somewhere. Thank you! If you don't think it's funny, you're off the hook.

James LaFond <>

2:43 PM (6 minutes ago)

to Pat


My dumbass is unable to figure out how to subscribe.

However, I am going to post this link on my site.

I like the insertion of sarcasm into our banality matrix.


PS: Pat, I was thinking of a marketing angle for my own toxic masculinity. Instead of writing books, every time I train in the gym, I'll wring out my socks, wraps and jockstrap into a bucket, then mix it with Buffalo Trace whiskey and sell it to soyboys and bugmen as a Viagra precursor cologne so they can get laid. This way they won't have to rape all those college girls.

Toxic Masculinity Cologne?

What do you think?

Thought Crimes: Capital


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