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‘A Weaponized Population?’
Crackpot Mailbox: The Leveller Wants to Know if the Ghost Races ever Enforced Anarcho-Tyranny
“As you have so well documented, Mister LaFond, minority groups in America have served real estate and government interests well by applying criminal pressure to mortgage holders to sell and move every 5 to 10 years. You have often described Reparations Recovery Agents as “a weaponized population.” I am wondering if [the ghost races] have ever been weaponized like this, and if not, do you think they are susceptible to weaponization. ”
The process of social weaponization of a specific human demographic is enabled by cultural negation [emasculation] of that group and the atomization of the individual, with the only remaining actionable motivation being either immediate self-interest and or obedience to authority. For instance, although the current criminal class of Ebon Americans are famously unable to comply with police demands at gunpoint—being conditioned to this suicidal activity due to the absence of a father—they are yet ironically easy to propagandize via media manipulation. For instance, although almost every Ebon American I know has spent significant time in contact with abjectly impoverished and disadvantaged ghost trash the bulk of these people still believe in the fallacy of “white privilege” which is, on the face, wrong on both ends of the clause, for there is no such thing as a white person and there is no race in the world which has ethnographically assigned privileges, as all races are economically stratified into privileged, un-privileged and oppressed segments.
Ghost people have been weaponized in many ways, with some examples below.
-Poor whites were enslaved in Primal America and assigned the task of destroying the environment to transform it into an imitation of the desertified Middle East.
-After roughly a hundred years of massive enslavement, in which most ghost slaves died in misery, generations of contact and intermarriage with Native Americans resulted in a new social type, often called a frontiersman or backwoodsmen, and later hillbilly or redneck. These Ghost Americans now possessed a warrior-hunter-farmer skill set similar to the Medieval English Yeomen who destroyed Medieval France. These men were then unleashed on the Amerindian tribes and managed to clear 90% of Primal America in the same 150 year span [1740-1890] that had taken their ancestors [1585-1740] to clear the eastern 10% of the continent of indigenous people.
-The sons and grandsons and great grandsons of the frontiersmen have since served in 17 wars by my offhand count of global expansion, raiding and political destabilization from 1897 through 2018, [even invading China twice] with over 90% of these combatants being Ghost Americans, with most other Americans serving in support capacities. I expect this to continue until 2050, when Ghost Americans will be a minority and overseas operations will no longer be possible due to the mestizo economy. Not one war, one military action, fought by American Armed forces since 1891 benefited the American citizen, but rather his rulers and the bankers that owned them: the Maine and Lusitania were essentially false flags like the Tonkin Incident, with only the war against Japan being a legitimate struggle for American national interest, a struggle that numerous American administrations, since 1897 connived to bring about. If America had not taken territory in the Japanese sphere of national interest and earlier forced the Japanese to modernize, there would have been no cause for this horrible war. Hundreds of thousands of ghost Americans have died in the Orient, 5,000 and more miles from our occidental shores. Only slave minds, cultivated by the grand lie of American History which denies its origins, could be made to go along with Asiatic-American wars—a fantasy that still persists in the obsession with the hermit kingdom of North Korea. The American Pacific War was largely fought to hold and regain properties that were stolen by the U.S. elite in earlier ages at the cost of ghost American suffering.
-The fourth great use of Ghost folk as anarcho-tyranny predators will be the use of rural Ghost Americans as death squad operators to keep the reluctant mestizo workforce in line. Just like Plantation America placed the ghost slave between the British navy and the Amerindian warrior, the productive mestizo slave class and Asian merchant and professional classes will be caught between machete-armed African immigrants in coastal regions and rifle-armed truck-mobile Ghost bandits in the interior. I hope to be reincarnated as a feral Ghost bandit.
In terms of inflicting suffering , as a proxy force in actions not to their own benefit or the security of their homeland, no population has been—based on numbers killed and terrorized—as weaponized [which by definition indicates a population used as a proxy force] than the slave sons of the Western European races whose forefathers willingly exchanged their ethnic, religious and cultural identities for the most profound lack of distinction and most abject thirst for self-extinction than was ever embraced by actual authentic races of people on the world stage. By definition a weaponized population works against its own moral and physical self-interest, a condition that afflicts European-Americans and African-Americans both in a kind of symbiotic, self-erasing dance towards oblivion, which implies subjugation to the same equally unsympathetic system of people farming, or Plantation Economics, the planting of a people to be bound to some other people’s interest.
On the upside, since 90% or more of people are reprehensible sub-humans, I kind of like the idea of being a weaponized ghost person generated to extort and torment the vast bulk of deservedly suffering humanity on behalf of some assholes holding vapid conclave in Manhattan, London and Brussels. If the Greater Human Race is fated to languish on this planet until a comet erases our lingering stain, the only distinction worthy of identifying with is being the worst of Our Kind.
I’ll take it.
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RodDecember 10, 2018 11:52 PM UTC

We have a white gang in Georgia call the ghost face gang made up solely of white men and I was curious if this is a national or a regional phenomenon.Whenever I read an article that mentions ghost people on your site, I think of this gang..
responds:December 10, 2018 10:26 PM UTC

That is really cool, Rod. Eastern woodland Indians saw ghosts as good and identified the white sails, and white clouds from under which Europeans appeared with the ghosts of ascendant people and further associated pale skin and the white pages of books with that notion of spiritual ascendance. The Chinese use of the term for Northern Europeans is less positive.