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A Mother's Worst Fear
The Strange Fate of Adonis Stevenson

"James, did you here that Adonis Stevenson was in a coma? Some Russian guy hurt him real bad."

Big Ron said tis to me at the bar on Friday night and I was horrified because I knew Stevenson's family history and that his mother was superstitious about him fighting Russians. Adonis ducked Kovalev for years. Now some other Neanderthal came out of the steppes to lay him low.

In the mean time, some hipsters my friend watched the Fury-Wilder fight with the weekend before last were still chanting the old mantra that a fighter of European ancestry can never beat a fighter of African ancestry.

The Haitian champion by way of Canada has a strait supinated rear-hand punch to the body which I never saw anyone else throw. Other than that my knowledge of Stevenson is primarily this, that his father was killed in a karate tournament in Haiti in the 1970s.

Let's hope he recovers from this brutal twist of fate.

Typically 4 fighters a year die from injuries sustained in the ring.

Adonis Stevenson boxing injury, severe traumatic brain injury, remains in medically induced coma, Oleksandr Gvozdyk | FOX SPORTS

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ShepDecember 23, 2018 11:47 PM UTC

News as of 12/23/18: Stevenson has awoken from his medically-induced coma.

Fingers crossed.