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Eating Cheap on the Overton Railroad
Enter the Dollar Tree: with Ghetto Gourmet James LaFond
Living out of a backpack, being a yeti version of that urban American rolling stone, has become an adventure of its own, being stalked by cops and criminals in unfamiliar locations, trying not to outstay ones welcome along the way out of the Right Think Zone, waking up next to a Russian hooker on an eastbound train and apologizing for snoring only to be met with an unflappable grin, "Oh, no bother—I can sleep through anything!"
Dollar store notes:
-In non-combat zones, in deep suburbia, dollar stores look like this one, mostly junk for old ladies with a compact food section, more canned goods and less refrigerated meat and cheese.
-In blighted areas stock levels will be at crisis lows everyday but Friday, due to staffing issues. Also, in blighted areas, the food selection is much wider, including palatable smoked meets and limited dairy.
In summer time, I would have grabbed a few cans of coconut water for drinking after training to replace potassium.
White in the Savage Night: A Politically Incorrect Life In Words: 2016
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JRDecember 12, 2018 7:06 AM UTC

i didn't know the dollar store sold so much fish—I will have to check if they sell kippers.

I ran across this factoid after watching your vid, which seemed interesting—one for the Ghetto grocer's analysis.

"""Here’s a remarkable fact: Dollar stores are now feeding more Americans than Whole Foods is – even though most dollar stores have no fresh food, only a limited selection of packaged items."

"There’s growing evidence that dollar chains are not merely a byproduct of economic distress. They’re causing it."

Dollar General is now by far the biggest threat to local grocery stores. In small towns, Dollar General’s arrival typically causes sales at the local supermarket to drop 30%. That’s enough to put them in the red, and force them to close, though it may take a year or more."

In cities, dollar stores are targeting African American neighborhoods and they are opening at a density that makes it impossible for new grocers and other local business to take root and grow. """
responds:December 12, 2018 8:18 PM UTC

This is all correct. I developed a strategy to counter dollar stores and box stores but it requires a man with a lot of physical energy and a 3 digit IQ, something that no supermarket possesses that I am not working in. When I left my employer, instead of trying to replace me, the owners bought the lot next door which they now rent to a dollar store!