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Is this German Nihilism?
Crackpot Mailbox: Teutonic Fist & James Discuss Cultural Negation via Implied Moral Abdication
Thu, Nov 29, 8:49 PM (13 days ago]
You know I often see a reaction from the cultural sphere of the puritanic Anglos to what they express disregards these things that I say as "German nihilism", a moral flaw in the chronic of civilization when it is the exact opposite. The big difference between Germanic culture and Romanic culture in Europe is that German culture chose its own godfather. The rest just got dominated and had to accept the realities of power. I often find myself in a situation similar to the French plantation owner in Apocalypse Now who tells captain Miller: You don't understand our mentality, honhonhonhonhoooo, because the mongrolized race of the americas grew up detached with a bullshit form of morality from their host countries.
For example, no German politician ever would make a speech where me mentions the "hard working people of XY", because everyone would look at hims like "what is this shithead talking about the whole point of German engineering is to get rid of labor". Germanic people are lazy raiders that is why they show up on time, but they also leave on time. It basicly goes back to Tacitius, where he described the germanics as folk of men closest to resembling modern day Gym Bros who spend their time hunting, fighting, sleeping, hunting, getting drunk, sleeping and so on. Nations like France saw themselfs always as the inheritors of Romanic glory, building arce de triumphe and so on, while germanic tribes knew rome only as force that either showed strengh or was defeated. And because Germanic tribes where the ones who witnessed romes fall in an unbroke state of cultural tradition they were the ones who could articulate the natural cycle of rising and falling civilizations.
Ragnarok means the end of the world as we know it and such legends don't foster where the phenomenone of rise and fall is not known. It is simply one of the finer details that seperates a characeter like Teddy Roosevelt from an Oswald Spenger or Friedrich Nietzsche. A cultural ingrown Mento Mori that has no illusions about the weakness and depravity of human nature but attempts to even for a short time to resist it in the face of the threatening timbul winter. That is the reason why germans flood Europe with third world scum. Europe rejected the upright lone wanderer spirit of Wodan so it gets its own humanistic bullshit ideology stuffed down their throat untill they die. And on the wrong side of the rhine, the survivers of this failed statist project of inclusion will laugh.
Postmodernism could achieve what two world wars against the Frog and the Anglos could not. And it didn't cost the germans a singel tank, not a single bullet to achieve that. I'am beyond their timid, lying morality, and so I am beyond caring. This is what the Murican Burger Mutt will never understand. This place swallows them all. Romans, Huns, Swedes, Napoleon. Mighty empires and yet I should be concerned about Arabs with smartphones. Tyr my god of war, give me a war that is worthy of blood. Yet as it is you just are desecrating my lawn by letting a stray piss on it.
-Teutonic Fist
As an identity-scrubbed spawn of the mongrel American slave race, an actual Murican Burger Mutt, I understand your point, firstly with the French as debased Galls and Franks looking back, like the British, on Rome—the nation that raped their motherland and placed a statue of a ravished and kneeling Britannia at the feet of their war god—with the yearning to be ruled by a bigger, better machine, which is the hallmark of the slave race character. Every person who wishes for a lager, more efficient governmental machine is a slave in his soul and politically a woman, as women [with few exceptions] are slaves in their soul. The debasement of these once Germanic folk to imitators and worshippers of the ancient entity which raped their nations is a consequence of feminism, which is a consequence of civilization. Simply put, 'Barbarism versus Civilization' advocates like us are regarded as nihilistic because we fail to worship the current Universal God of Things. Any view which does not present the burnt offerings of the ethnic soul which is the wilful disremembering or our ancestors, places us at a loss of piety within the ultimate nihilistic matrix of Atheism. I'll expand on this in my dialogue with Tony Cox.
The vision of a Ragnorak, a twilight calamity, has always soothed the souls of the culturally dispossessed men of all races who have been subjugated to the Nihilism Matrix, as we are surrounded by ghost slaves made of our own ethnic material. Any great cull promises a cleansing sloughing off of our dysgenic and degenerate metaphysic impedimenta. Imagine you and your Gym Bros as infantry in a cultural war which have shed your 120-pound pack for a 30 pound tactical pack [the excess 90 pounds representing cucks and sissies] and have detached yourself from the mechanized transportation net, to facilitate operational effectiveness within an enemy-occupied homeland. This is a form of guerilla masculinity.
In terms of cultural preservation, your Gym Bros of Germany are reflections of 'The Boys from the Gym' who asserted themselves against the degenerate current of Hellenistic Nihilism from about 400-150 B.C., kind of an internal masculine empire of the collective soul, which would imbed itself in Roman culture and remerge to supplant it some 500 years later as Rome imploded under German pressure.
The political machines that are the operating systems of our nations have evolved as emasculating, cultural-negation and ethnic-invalidation matrices. Any attempt to win influence on the political level will ultimately corrode your masculine, cultural and ethnic identity. The best course is to simply scurry within the cracks and imperfections of our alternately dueling and mating leviathans so that our inheritors might emerge from their vast rotting carcasses in the End Time, which is the only hope for a True Beginning and an escape from the realm of lies which is Civilization.
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