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‘To Usurp the Transcendent’
My Favorite Academic Egghead Deconstructs the Postmodern Macrostate

A number of my readers can’t stand this guy because he refuses to address certain question which forever doom those who address them, which is fascinating, as those same men are actually conscious of our collective suicide. My problem with Peterson is that he is a materialist. Beyond that, I can’t get vexed over a guy twice as smart as I am disagreeing with me when I disagree with myself at least once a day. There is a lot to learn from Peterson interpretation of human bondage, which is all the more touching since he is ultimately an advocate of human bondage, though he has been trained to conceive of his yearning for a more efficient mass society as something transcendental in scope rather than the wages of his unoriginal sin.

I regard Peterson’s work on myth second only to Campbell’s and do not blame him for heading down the rabbit-hole that got Campbell ostracized. That’s as negative as I can get about this guy. To think, that if I had a teacher like him as a youth, I might not have been an idiot for fully half my life in the belly of The Lie, for being digested is much more interesting when you understand the chemistry.

Patterson’s most irritating aspect is that he believes in all the standard historical myths and does not seem to now that we live according to a grand lie—indeed he is charged with unwittingly propagating this lie. For instance, every low-IQ yo in urban American knows that almost know violence gets reported to the police—only murders, the only unmalleable metric of the media police state. Yet Peterson believes that America is deluded because of all of the violence reporting despite lower FBI numbers in the media [despite it being a highly selective reduction of actual local violence] and social media.

Here is one set of facts that I would like some help with from readers, since I no longer live with a math whiz.

My 1996-2000 survey of 1675 acts of violence showed that between 27-29% came to law enforcement attention ranging from a simple report to a civil suit.

In 2016 or 17, I forget which, of 41 acts of violence reported to me and experienced by me in Baltimore County and Baltimore City, only two:

the crushing of a hand by a mallet in retaliation for an unreported pistol-whipping, was reported to the police, who declined to make an arrest, giving the vigilante an “ataboy” for avenging his sister

and a shooting I saw the police cleaning up

What percentage is 2 of 41?

I’m bohunk guessing that it’s around 5%.

In any case, what we surely have here is a great reduction in the reporting of crime to police along with an increase in willful misreporting and “juking” of stats by local law enforcement, which render all FBI stats other than murder useless. In 2001 I was even contacted by an FBI supervisory agent interested in my data as he clearly admitted that he only reported a fraction of the violence he was party to while working in the Sothern California Gang Task Force.

There is also the fact that Peterson takes American History at face value, when it is the most distorted and misreported and suppressed set of historical data I am familiar with.

So I trust Peterson to examine accurate information in a highly insightful manner, with a bias towards the proposition that Mankind is a latent God of collective omniscience evolving like a butterfly from a worm towards our destiny as an omnipotent thought engine at the center of the universe, keeping in mind that he has also been trained not to grasp this atheistic mania towards self-deification expressed at a high level by his very self.

Below is the video that brought up the link above, which does give the impression that the thought engine attempting to control the feeding of my dying brain has some wisdom of its own.

Under the God of Things

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Mike_CDecember 20, 2018 4:48 AM UTC

"do not blame him for heading down the rabbit-hole that got Campbell ostracized"

Are you missing a "NOT" before the word "heading"? Because that'd go along with what I assume your Peterson-loathing readers consider a failure on his part. Or am I missing something.
responds:December 20, 2018 10:08 AM UTC

Thanks for the typo correction. If I fix it it will go to the top of the site, so I'm leaving it like a brain stain for all to see. Peterson has declined to go where Campbell went, for he seems a survivor.

I fear addressing what rabbit hole that was like Frodo feared addressing the Dark Lord by name.
BobDecember 16, 2018 4:48 AM UTC

For what it's worth, Andrew Joyce played Devil's Advocate to Jordan Peterson in a series of articles at The Occidental Observer.
BobDecember 16, 2018 4:31 AM UTC

Put it this way, James LaFond is never going to be spoken of - fondly, or with equanimity - by the NYT.

These milquetoasters look to me like the System cutting a firebreak. Genuine challenges to the former's integrity are not given media exposure, except as caricatures of villainy.
BobDecember 15, 2018 2:12 AM UTC

Peterson for all his intelligence wasn't wise to broach the Stand-with-us-or-stand-against-us Question. His treatment of same was a predictable mix of disingenuousness and superficiality.

That's the problem with courting MSM popularity. You're going to be pushed into affirming the lie or contesting it. I'd prefer an honest unknown to a compromised media success, and I already know which one history will write up more kindly.
responds:December 15, 2018 8:25 AM UTC

I wonder if Peterson is daft of disingenuous on certain points. Is he courting disaster of a misspent mind?

He is certainly a compromising media success who I would not trust as a friend. However, he remains useful, largely because of these flaws or countermeasures, whatever they may be.
Ruben ChandlerDecember 14, 2018 7:11 PM UTC

I'm not into bronze age gods but this guy is occasionally interesting.....
responds:December 14, 2018 6:54 PM UTC

Thanks, will check the site out.