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'I'm Giving Fair Warning'
Crackpot Mailbox: Baltimore Gun Buy Back with DeadReckoningMO & James


Lynn Lockhart

Thu, Dec 13, 6:20 PM (18 hours ago)

A tweet friend wants you to know about this.

Dude, I watched the press conference but was writing a book on fighting so declined to make an article out of it. In response to a rash of accidental shootings of bystanders during gunfight and robberies stone-face ghetto-banger bitch "Marlyn" Mosby followed the ugly pugly mayor onto the podium after the matron announced the gun buy-back program, which includes a notice that loaded guns were not acceptable.

The Lead Baltimore City prosecutor then stated that she would be referring certain criminals [I forget if this was in relation to drugs or guns or both] to a DOJ prosecutor and, after noting that she was giving fair warning like she was at a gang conference, pointed her thumb over her shoulder in a concise motion that screamed "this big-brained white nigga right here" and said, "you get to deal with him" or something unprofessionally along those lines as everyone in the room laughed out loud at the TV, getting the gist that what she was threatening was to forward cases up to a competent federal prosecutor.

I personally thought she looked fetching in her aftaTHOT dress and my inner Khan was moved to make her den mother of my seraglio—but that was another life...

Mister Reckoning, in his youth, my friend Tattoo Rick beat the shot out of some junky who tried to rob him at gunpoint with a broken handgun and then took it to the local precinct and turned it in for $50 back around 1980. I think, with a lack of vicious snowmen to do this, that the BGF should step in, wipe out a few small gangs and then turn in the guns they capture. Actually, my favorite outcome would be if a Harm City Hooker drugged a BPD officer during sex and then stole his gun and cashed it in!

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