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Crackpot Mailbox: Riley is Calibrating the Reality Scope

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Wed, Dec 12, 9:08 PM (2 days ago)


Know you’re living the life and all, writing it down. Just seemed like any cat halved to feed zombies is way out of shape!


“...and even in Atlantis of the legend the night the seas rushed in, the drowning men still bellowed for their slaves.”

Bertolt Brecht

Sent from Riley

Riley, I have it from a deep source that what the U.S. Government is secretly the most worried about is a massive migration out of the miserable nation in question in this article. In fact, I just watched a bleeding heart liberal adventure documentary titled something like The Deadliest Journey, in which journalists follow potential illegal immigrants from Venezuela on a jungle trek to Panama.

I'd say that cat was not the fittest of its kind.

Oh, and guess who else are not the fittest of their kind?

Yep, our slovenly neighbors.

I will predict that once democratic control is reasserted over the nation that boat lifts will be organized from Venezuela to your old home town on the Mississippi.

Even upper middle class H1B Visa workers are treated like slaves to replace us. Imagine what misery the fat cat democrats and republicans could foist on these starving folk in order to make sure our ebony underclass is entirely unemployed and free for riot and purge duty.

Mexicans tend to go back home with their money so the elite needs a slave class that is trapped here.

So, when China finally surpasses the U.S. and demands to depopulate starving Arica, the U.S. will do the right thing and refit their aircraft carriers to act as a shuttle service out of Africa to the Leased Coast.

Times just keep getting more interesting!

Thanks for the uplift, Riley.

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