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Another PIG Pen Closes Down!
I has always mystified me why cops are so prone to shoot down fleeing felons who did not attack them, so was not surprised when some hoodrat named Antwon from the municipality of East Pittsburg got plugged after fleeing a stolen car.
Actually, in a just society, roadside executions would be the law for car thieves.
What I was shocked about was that the dumbass cop still shot after some bystander shouted, "Shoot the n@%%$*!
So the asshole pig who thought he was going horizontal chocolate skeet shooting with his pistol is up for murder.
What is hilarious is that the Cuckistanian Ghostfolk who run this municipality then disbanded their nine-man police department because a rookie thrill-killer went Dirty Hairy on them.
This news story was sent to me by a reader who decided not to take a job in East Pittsburgh, as it has been a "bad neighborhood" for 50 years and there is now essentially no police presence, simply a promise by the Pennsylvania State Troopers to come when called and then call out to a neighboring municipality for backup.
I have been predicting police consolidation and upsourcing to state and federal agencies since 2015 and once again dance on the corpse of complaisancy is it rots beneath our unthinking feet.
According to Alleghany County 911 the East Pittsburg Police Department responded to roughly 2,400 calls in 2017.
The upside of police department closures is the facilitation of self-defense, which will give crime targets twice as much time to defend themselves and flee the scene before the Cop Support swoops in to avenge the criminal.
The other upside is that this will eventually lead to military contractors working as mercenary cops as the federal guboment expands to police more municipalities, which will give young killer ghostsmen a way of making money operating as death squads to keep landscapers from Central America from going on strike.
Thanks to Abigale Darlington for forwarding this uplifting tale of pork woe.
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