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We the Giving
Crackpot Mailbox: Considering the Thug Dayz of Christmass

I have collected numerous Christmas stories from Harm City while in town for the holiday. But before presenting the Harm City manger scene, I thought we'd hear from three Ghost Kangs on what we should be thankful for at the close of this year.

Gandhi statue removed after petition from University of Ghana calls Mahatma 'racist' - The Washington Post


Tue, Dec 18, 9:43 PM (10 hours ago)

The sole occupation of raw natives is hunting, and the sole ambition is to collect cattle to buy a wife with, and then spend his life in indolence and nakedness. Gandhi on Africans.

Gandhi misses the point, as do The university woke. That sounds like a great life!

Sent from Riley

Sir, although I have never had a desire—especially after reading 21 Tarzan books as a boy—to visit Africa, one must admit that it is the continent that keeps on giving! Riley, I have never met a group of people who dislike people of African ancestry more than people of the Sub Continent. I once marveled at an Indian complaining about African Americans to a redneck at a liquor store only to have my redneck friend say, "Dude, have you looked in the mirror?" and the Indian protested, "I am not 'dude', I am [name forgotten]..."

Britain has been cancelled


Mon, Dec 17, 8:49 PM (2 days ago)


What seems to have happened here was a Brit invited some African babe over for love and she had to use the bathroom and then tried throwing her excrement out the window but she didn't understand that there were two window pains and she was essentially just insulating...and first responders are called?

You should read this article on video games and young men. Insane.


Tue, Dec 18, 3:56 PM (16 hours ago)

Hope you are well.

-Nero the Pict

Oh Nero, this was mighty uplifting. I'm well now: considering ordering condoms by the case after reading this... There are apparently so many junior bugmen dedicated to playing video games that I'm going to be able to acquire fresh frails into my teetering old age! Where exactly is the downside to this? Really this was an astounding read and I might have been worried about the statistics presented if this were my country and not someone else's get wet quick scheme. But upon realizing that the facts within translate to endless nubile companionship for my decrepit self, all worry washed away!

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Mike_CDecember 20, 2018 7:11 PM UTC

>I have never met a group of people who dislike people of African ancestry more than people of the Sub Continent

East Asians: "You think Brown People* dislike Africans? Hold my beer!" But to be fair, Chinese think ANYONE non-Han is a monkey of one sort or another, and the Japanese think the same of any non-Japanese. My theory is that it's only East Asians are more reticent to say it openly ... or maybe because proportionally more Persons of Browness have familiarity/fluency with spoken English, and we just don't know what the Person of Yellowness is muttering under his breath.

*Brown People: this has been the self-descriptor used by American-born and Americanized Indians and Pakistanis of my social acquaintance, so I use it here without any pejorative intent.