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Reign of Coal
Crackpot Mailbox: WellRead Ed and a Tech SPED Discuss Hollywood & Football

Sicario and other movies.


Sat, Dec 15, 1:47 PM (5 days ago)


Once you understand that Hollywood is one of the spokes of the Social Engineering Wheel, everything about modern film falls into place. It started with LBJ's "Great Society" wherein he destroyed the Nuclear Family with the Civil Rights Act by replacing fathers with government welfare. This was necessary in order to create a malleable population of serfs that could be dominated, exploited as commodities, and used as cannon fodder for the endless wars those in power so enjoy.

Hollywood's role was to provide acceptable examples of manhood that our youth would emulate. It started with destroying the most American of fables, the Western. Starting in the 70's, John Wayne's Ethical Hero, who stood up for what was right at all costs, was replaced by Clint Eastwood's moral relativist "Man With No Name", whose ends justified the means.

Now? Now there are no heroes (unless they're women), masculine traits are used as examples of society's ills. Heterosexual, white men are portrayed as rapists, murderers, greedy corporatists, or incompetent. A male hero is more likely to be gay, or at least effete, liberal, and untraditional in his approach to the world.

Moreover, if he is skilled and competent, he is more likely to be some sort of government agent. Be he cop, soldier, or spy, the message is that civilian men cannot defend their own hearth or home because they are not of the approved warrior class. A man that strikes out on is own, independent of connection to some government entity, is portrayed as either a villain or an outlaw. If he does attain some measure of success, it usually includes an enormous amount of collateral damage that costs the lives of numerous uninvolved innocents.

If you study the attack on traditional male venues, be it Christianity, Boy Scouts, the Military, or fraternities, you will come to understand that the goal is to weaken men to the point of uselessness so that those in power may rise unopposed to dominance and enslave us all. Eliminating those traditional anchors of faith, family, and fealty to both, is the easiest way to accomplish that goal.

-WellRead Ed

James LaFond <>

Sat, Dec 15, 5:45 PM (5 days ago)

to Ed

Thanks, Ed,

This is really a fascinating subject to me, being about writing as it is.

Ed, this is simply the most concise and most accurate appraisal of the mechanisms by which our morally incontinent masses are programmed. I would insert two prequel stages:

One step further back than the reduction of the western hero to the nameless killer, we have the classic western hero played by Wayne and Cooper who are, on recent reviews of these movies, incredibly cucked, walking the knife edge of civility, characters so hamstrung by what is now called "the Chuck Norris rule" that they could never prevail against a ruthless foe and need to be rescued by women and the system. I see this heroic template as a nod to the ancient notion of chivalry and in line with the classical role of the hero as a protector [implicit in its word origin]. Rio Bravo, for instance, was a cuckfest with the hero staggering on civic stilts from the beginning. The unique western role, coming exclusively through the Aryan tradition, that the hero challenges gods and men in the cause of something greater—and nothing types as an Olympian pantheon better than our current Deep State Apparatus—is utterly absent, making such heroes more generic and less western. Looked at like this, our traditional western hero is essentially set up as a cartoon to be easily ushered off stage.

The fact that this hero is then supplanted by the "killer" so often played by Eastwood and Bronson, is partially cultural negation as you stated, and appealing to the viewer because the culture that remains—the consumerist materialism matrix—deserves the evil attentions of Bronson's Mechanic or Stone Killer and Eastwood's Man with No Name. So what is wrong in a hero—anonymity and the slaughter of ordinary types—is used to punish what is wrong in society and plunge heroic notions further into darkness, to their ultimate destination, simple mass murder, which was a theme present in ancient Hellenic heroes, with one pulling down the roof of a school on its children, and now rests in the pale house of serial killer worship among a significant number of Americans.

The earlier myth that the western hero was based on had such a false bottom that it easily imploded into an alternate untruth. The idea that European Americans faced off against Indian enemies to usher African Americans out of slavery and into the light of liberty was false on its face, as most Indian tribes fought for the cause of Modernity and sided with European and American powers against less numerous rival tribes. Unlike realistic 19th Century frontier tales by George Fenimore Cooper, which depicted reality, film westerns depicted a simple dualistic lie of "white versus red" which eventually turns viewers against the Indian fighting hero once the viewer realizes that the Indian was a 10,000 to 1 underdog.

Of course, the most toxic myth that falsely underpins the American consciousness, is it's sense of Original Sin, based on the belief that only African Americans were enslaved to build this nation and that they were enslaved because of their race, exclusively by European Americans, when in fact at least a million more slaves of European origin were bound over to this land than Africans and that they were both owned by people of Indian, African and European races.

In light of these two accepted myths above, one cannot expect most viewers to get behind John Wayne's best hero, the Indian-Hating Civil War Veteran in The Searchers, arguably Hollywood's best western. So such heroes were, all along, set up for displacement by the very false pretenses of an earlier version of the eternal lie that is America.

Charlie Segal


Tue, Dec 18, 2:38 PM (2 days ago)

Normally, I don't give a shit about games people play. However, this stood out because, here is a college coach's wet dream; strong as an Ox, Fast as Lightning, and not afraid to get hit. Yet, no one is interested? My theory is it's because of his lack of Melanin. After all, there are probably hundreds of pale face athletes that could play the game as well or better than the Dindus, but they don't fit the narrative.

Indiana high school fullback dominating opponents, but doesn't have a scholarship offer

Indiana high school fullback dominating opponents, but doesn't have a sc...

Ryan Gaydos

An Indiana high school football player who's torn up the gridiron this season still has no place to play next year.


Shep, a year or two ago, sent in some links about NFL scouts finding stud ghost players who were turned down by NFL teams for the condition of their pale birth. So much imagery has been expended depicting melanin rich NFL players as angry heroes [try finding a Fritolay-Pepsi-NFL ad in a supermarket that does not depict a paleface being tackled by an ebon avenger] that I believe it is based on the following calculation:

NFL does not have Hispanic appeal, hence the market is limited to palefaces and the sainted victims of their oppression.

The rough ratio in the population of these two groups is 5 pales to 1 oppressed.

Since oppressed are breeding and pales are not, future revenue is expected to come from their quarter, especially in light of the fact that 3 out of 5 pales believe that the oppressed are racially superior in all athletic arenas and that pales are inherently evil and may best do penance by worshipping the master race from the sidelines.

A similar trend existed in boxing for 50 years until Eastern European men began crushing African Americans in the ring. And, yet, most pale Americans will look at boxing as something that their race cannot compete in. This is a long tend. I have found clear evidence that European American men have fetishized their own emasculation going back to the mid 1700s. This evidence exists in artwork and ad copy throughout the entire history of this nation. No urge is stronger in the slave heart of the American paleface than the desire to worship the ebon master race. This is an urge which disgusts me and which I do not share, which leaves me often alone in my thoughts amongst the massed pales who have ceded superiority in every aspect of humanity except the acquisition of property to others.

Thought Crimes: Capital



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ShepDecember 24, 2018 9:37 PM UTC

Here's an example of a ghost who escaped the clutches of the system and achieved his full potential, but the only reason this smallish white lad was permitted to excel was his family's reputation and connections. His Dad was a longtime NFL player (and longtime broadcaster) and his grandfather was - literally - the world's fastest human. Without their influence, he would have been a victim of benign neglect playing at a small college, and never getting a shot at the NFL. Even with their influence, his transcendent talent was underrated, as he finished second in the Heisman voting and was the 8th man drafted in his senior year—and now he's set a record no one else can touch.

Things that make ya go "Hmmmm…"
ShepDecember 23, 2018 10:34 PM UTC

Many such cases!

The cases of Hunter Furr and Jared Abbrederis give the scam away. Scouts always fall back on the "lack of speed" as a reason that white high school stars don't go to big-time colleges. But both these guys were also state track champions in multiple events, and these are certified, witnessed times. So there should have been no excuse for Jared being forced to walk-on and Hunter being shoehorned into a subordinate role. Some ghosts can fight through the system as Jared did (from a college walk-on to a 5-year NFL career), but most get ground up by the system.

Contact sports, from youth leagues to the pros, are oases of masculine arete and thumos, and therefore must be wiped out by Big Sis and Big Sissy. Special attention must be paid to the ghost males, since they are the first and main targets of The Poz, and what better way to demoralize and dispirit young white men than by removing any white role models of strength and honor? That is why steamroller college players like Toby Gerhart, Zach Line, and Tim Tebow end their short NFL careers in ignominy, and why high school studs like this Indiana lad never get a fair shot at D-1 college schollys.
c7December 23, 2018 9:09 PM UTC

Having just an hour ago finished the LeMay book 'The Searchers,' published a year before the John Wayne film ('54, I think), I was not just surprised but shocked to revisit those long dead attitudes towards "Indians," specifically, the "comanch." Portrayed as the finest horse warriors then in existence, riding bareback, able to fight with battle lance and rifle while hanging under the neck or belly of their war ponies, as cruel as a Moroccan in savaging the bodies of their victims (which, to their way of understanding, prevented the dead from entering Elysion, or "the land beyond the Sunset"), and masters of the dread "Comanche Wheel," there was no doubt left to the reader of the feelings of the West Texans, the Rangers, and later, the US Army towards this menace. Toward the very end the books hero, Mart, who has spent 5 hard years searching for his half-sister, articulates the antipathy toward the indian in a paragraph that I'm surprised has not been scrubbed from the book: to summarize, it is basically Annikan Skywalker's description of killing all the sand people: "I hate them all, and want to see them all dead." The Comanche killed all captured women, murdered the babies, and stole the young girls to be war slaves, tradeable, perhaps, for more ponies, which no doubt the Comanche warrior loved more than his squaws. The Texans and later the Calvary returned the favor, exterminating the camps as they were found much as the modern soyboy might spray a nest of cockroaches with the latest spray. Cockroaches, at least, didn't scalp your women and decorate their battle lances with the blonde or red-haired locks as trophies.

The expression "there's no good injun but a dead injun" was as common as courtesy when I was a boy. It was uttered by adults (who themselves had never actually seen an indian) as one might say "the sky is blue." Boys played 'Cowboys & Indians' routinely, and most westerns eventually got around to portraying the hero-men being attacked by and having to kill indians. It was the common coinage of the American male, to be spent later on hapless krauts. Airborne troops yelled 'Geronimo' because Geronimo had been a respected opponent, horse to horse. We still drive erstatz battle wagons called 'Cherokee' or 'Navajo' or whatever on the way to McDonalds to order "beeves" in the form of Big Macs. It was the last acceptable genocide: now one has to file multiple forms with the local fishery agent before one is allowed to hook so much as a perch.

It may, if I am misreading such as Gregory Cochran correctly, have been the last great slaughter of neanderthal remnants by homo sapiens in the West. Now the men of our age marry one another and wonder which the woman might be, while watching movies about damsels who kick the asses of wannabe-men. The Comanche, if they were still around to witness this, would think, quite correctly, that we had lost our minds.

But there aren't any around, far as I know: we slaughtered them all. The current insanity may in part be their final curse upon us, much like the ancient biblical curse—"may you be ruled by women."

But as is quietly being noted, that which men detest will not long last.

And this age is surely one which real men, Comanche or Ranger, settler or Calvary, would find detestable.
BobDecember 21, 2018 7:09 AM UTC

Open challenge: Find *one* movie where the unsympathetic villain is black and his innocent victims, white. One!
responds:December 21, 2018 8:53 AM UTC

BobDecember 21, 2018 7:01 AM UTC

Films that don't fall into the acceptable category - "Idiocracy" and "They Live" - come to mind, do well on account of audience demand, not Hollywood promotion or financial returns.
BobDecember 21, 2018 6:48 AM UTC

One point raised in the NFL discussion: I don't think the commercial imperative always predominates in media and entertainment programming. To wit: Hollywood will deliberately avoid material that offers rich profits but which inspires and invigorates whites. Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" just one of many projects that will not be be funded regardless of prospective returns. There's a healthy demand for a wholesome, traditional Christmas movie but a conspicuous absence of product. Ditto for Hollywood vehicles for heroic and honorable white male roles. White men as a group are always "The Boys from Brazil" or "American History X".

In conclusion, blacks are destined to remain as marginal figures in NFL commercial decisions. The white man's mind, foremost, and wallet, second, will remain the focus.