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Breaking America
The Logical Conduct of the Vietnam War

Most of us understand the U.S. war in Indochina as a tragic episode in a worldwide struggle between global human management systems: communism and capitalism.

However, in the context of the present society, in which America is the leading national actor in the dawning global system, which is as much communistic as capitalistic, it might help hone an angle on the perspective we’ve been handed by the media.

Is there an alternative to the logic that the Vietnam War was a losing battle in a winning war, that the only purpose it served to the elite who micromanaged the often shameful effort, was to blunt the worldwide spread of communism, that losing in Vietnam permitted other nations to advance along the glorious road of monopolistic capitalism unmolested by communism?

A clue is the fact that the elite in America denied the fact that POWs were left behind by the Nixon Administration, with every subsequent administration agreeing that there were no POWs left in Southeast Asia. Any suggestion brought the standard system charge that dissenting views amounted to conspiracy theories and since the central tenet of American Civic Faith is that no two parties have ever conspired to disadvantage a third party for their own mutual benefit any suggestion that America fighting men were consciously betrayed and abandoned in the process and wake of the Vietnam War, was tantamount to a medieval Christian denying the doctrine of Transubstantiation.

Another clue is the current, deliberate attack on the U.S. masculine military culture in its armed services. This is having the effect of driving dedicated warfighters out of military service and leaving hopeful pensioners and political officers to inherit the institutions as they are gutted of possible leadership types in favor of management drones.


While propping up a criminal client state in South Vietnam did serve a real geopolitical goal, the purpose of the Vietnam War being conducted in a fashion that any and all serious students of military history could have concluded from the outcome was doomed to failure, was three-fold:

-1. To break the moral heart of the American military and set the stage for a new reformed system of managerial military adventurism

-2. To detach the national psyche from the American military so that conscription could be abandoned in order to bring about the volunteer military, which is merely an intermediary step between a national military and a mercenary force, which is currently being phased in. As overt systemic dismantling of the masculine military culture is being conducted in a top down fashion, it is likely that this has two purposes, driving leader types and war fighters into private contracting and turning the U.S. military into “a force for good,” a cultural compliance tool to be used to suppress national identities across the planet.

-3. Forming a precedent for military control of the media, with media coverage sited as the reason for the breaking of the American military heart, when in fact it was the callous misuse and betrayal of American servicemen which was the morale breaker. Any sports addict could understand that the players on a team which the ownership prevents from achieving victor and the coaching staff abuses will suffer a morale clash. Yet the ability to understand this has been erased from the American collective consciousness.

It is this apostate’s suspicion that the misuse, abuse and betrayal of the American military in and around Vietnam served the globalist goal of breaking the heart of America and divorcing toxic national identity from the military, so that it might be retooled to better serve globalist goals. The forcing of transgenderism, female management over male leadership and political correctness is obviously aimed at making the military a social engineering tool and at once driving masculine elements suitable for dynamic mercenary deployment into the private sector. Nothing about the process of homosexually raping the postmodern American Military contrasts with the conduct of the Vietnam War, with the keystone clue, for this observer, being the deification of John McCain, with an 8-day orgy of national worship of a Vietnam War POW who cooperated with his captors and later denied the existence of abandoned POWs, at the same time pushing for American military adventurism overseas and emasculation at home, with his crusade against MMA.

By 2050 U.S. military force will be evenly split between suppressing social dissent at home and economic disobedience abroad, with mercenary operatives operating as assassination teams in both theaters.

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JoeFourDecember 29, 2018 9:01 PM UTC

James, outstanding post!  I think you hit the nail on the head in describing the true ulterior motives and goals behind the Vietnam War.  For those readers wanting more detail about the whole nasty affair ... the War, POW/MIAs, and John McCain ... here are three links to articles by Ron Unz that put meat on bone:
responds:December 30, 2018 5:57 PM UTC

Thanks for the links, sir.