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Publishing On the Overton Railroad
Keeping Up With Wheeled Cracked Pottery: January 2019

Happy New Year to all of you readers, including by benevolent censors.

I am on a round about trip to the Left Coast, where I plan on practicing Tricknology, Trickonology and Woke Deviltry upon the denizens therein. In other words, I'll be wheezing along to the dollar store and liquor store and repairing to my plush study to continue earning the hatred of the deserving SYSTEM in Portland Oregon!

Yes, I shall be ensconced in another rainy place by February.

For the month of January my wify access will be irregular.

So, what I am doing is loading articles on the back end of the website and will be clicking publish and confirm on one a day whenever I am online over the next few weeks. The publication dates on these articles will actually be the upload dates.

I hope you don't mind and thank you very much for your censorship, your friendship and other forms of support.

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Ruben ChandlerJanuary 3, 2019 8:26 PM UTC

and went up to 170 on TabooYou