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‘The Wide and Easy Way to Hell’
SJWs Always Double Down: Anticipating the Thought Police, Vox Day
2017 Castalia House, 187 pages
I have played table top strategy, operational and tactical board games since I was 13 years old and it has helped me navigate the evil world we live in far above my natural ability. I generally outsmart people who are smarter than I am, largely because I have spent hundreds of hours matching my wits against people with legit big brains. Among such I am regarded as a trial horse, a man not easily outthought but owning a losing record. I have a mind of an inferior type. I cannot solve even basic math equations, for instance. I have developed a sense for the detection of that rare man who has a mind of a superior type and also possesses the kind of cunning I have developed playing such games. Reading and listening to Vox Day always sets off that “big brain nigga wit game” ghetto alarm in my white trash command center and it was no different reading SJWs always double down.
Vox forges ahead of the mental pack with well-earned arrogance and explains to the reader the basis for the Social Justice Warrior plague, an explanation I will not try to encapsulate in a lesser form here.
I will get into the one symptom of our sick society that Vox does not seem to perceive as he has been successful within it. After correctly stated that the trigger for a male’s descent into the SJW horde, a horde which could not function as female alone, he demonstrates that this kind of man-thing is motivated largely by his failure to navigate the Socio-Sexual-Hierarchy, which is an astute observation of a deep truth. Vox then goes on to use the Audious Huxley Brave New World lettering model for ranking males, a thing that was an effete man’s jab at the human race’s gradual domestication into various unnatural forms. There are too many specific types to this model which does not accommodate transformative growth of a man beyond a narrow typology.
My way of categorizing men—and categorizing enemies and allies is important—is the ancient way, Leaders [Alpha], Followers [Beta] and Outliers [Omega]. Largely what the Brave New World lettering system does is subdivide Omegas into Omegas and Sigmas [successful and unsuccessful versions of the type] and Betas into Betas and Deltas and provides Gammas as a typology that is a negative devolution of either the Beta or the Omega. This is too complicated and might reflect a gaming influence that works great in the artificial worlds of Gamer Gate Comic Gate and the internet in general, but is too complex for snapshot modeling on the street of some shitty American city and reflects a competitive environment in which the enemies and allies and observers have sedentary spans of time to evaluate their environment.
If you find yourself in a parking lot behind a bar in some dying midsized American city as the indigestion experienced by this soul-eating civilization devouring your race expresses itself by asphalt reflux, you need to be able to discern at a glance if the man coming towards you is a natural leader, a natural follower or a natural outlier. The streets are apolitical [unless you are stupid enough to march or protest] and active, not sedentary and political.
However, for the sedentary politics of internet invalidation and validation Vox’s system is perhaps the precise model required. Also, some of the specific information in the book, such as the 25% drop in Comic book sales in one year and news about alternative platforms were very important to my own viability assessment.
The social dynamics of the denunciation culture are keenly laid bare. The salient point that SJWs will always escalate the assault provides the key to their demise. The observation that you must be demonized if you are not on the cutting edge of the Leftist Media Culture provides the key to your preservation as you seek to remain human in this increasingly inhuman matrix.
I am grateful to Manny Soprano for the loan of this book and suggest SJWs Always Double Down as a useful survival handbook for those who wish to keep their jobs in our sick society.
Turd America
Trumpapocalypse Now: The Advent of an American Usurper at the fall of Western Civilization
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The Great Train Wreck of the West
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Mike_CJanuary 24, 2019 4:33 PM UTC

>go to the inside of the groin, stab, and ripcut around to sever the femoral artery.

Hah! So THAT'S why the sagging pants. Sagging puts the thicker waistband (and belt if you are wearing one) more at the level of the femoral artery. Also, the bagginess of the groin/crotch area gives standoff in terms of distance from fabric outer surface to femoral artery, and makes anatomic landmark harder to discern, which complicates targeting. I'm being facetious as to "why sag?" of course, but maybe there is some truth to the spew above?

Even a small hole in the femoral artery (say 6 French, or 2.0 mm) can let out a LOT of blood in a short time. It is a bit frightening when you "lose control of the groin" after a femoral-access heart catheterization. Not that I'd admit to ever having been guilty of such a thing. Ahem.

James, I note with interest that your purely informational information (as opposed to advice or recommendation!) emphasizes relatively superficial major arteries. Anatomically this makes a lot of sense, and seems more "do-able" with a shorter blade. Any thoughts about how blade length (knives, not talking swords) influences potential targets? I am thinking abdominal aorta, or the heart accessed subcostally (under the ribs) or through the left armpit, as it seems that a frontal approach would be hampered by the ribcage.
responds:January 27, 2019 1:42 PM UTC

The long daggers, such as those promoted for special ops work in WWII are great for puncturing the brain.

The larger cleaving knives so popular in the Pacific would again be great against the brain and for taking off hands and heads, going right to gross damage.

The larger Filipino and Indonesian blades seem to be designed for the defeat of the magor organs and arteries of the torso, such as the descending aorta.
B.P. BollocksworthJanuary 15, 2019 4:45 PM UTC

James, do you have any intel on how the shutdown is affecting the Ebony Matriarchs in Harm City? Apparently Jan 15 was the first missed psyche I. Got to admit this seems brilliant of Trump.

responds:January 16, 2019 1:09 PM UTC

I'm in Portland, Bro, so I don't know.

Maybe a Baltimore reader will clue us in.
anonymousJanuary 14, 2019 4:18 PM UTC

oT - thought of you James. Since this victim appears likely to benefit from modern emergency trauma response, care to share your perspectives on how to do it right? I was thinking that shredding a forearm or two would result in more rapid bleed out in a way that is unlikely to be addressed by even immediate response.
responds:January 16, 2019 1:13 PM UTC

Pressure cut one wrist to the bone, then, as his good hand clamps that wound go to the inside of the groin, stab, and ripcut around to sever the femoral artery. Alternately, f he dropped after the wrist slice, stab into the neck above the collar bone above his heart and dish cut inward around to the throat, taking out the ascending artery and the wind pipe.

For information purposes only.