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That Metaphysical Moment
Some Thoughts on when Taboos are Broken
This article was withheld for some months to evade the thought police.
This morning I received a phone call from Mom.
Mom is very sensitive to the nerves of our great and ghastly body politic.
A terrible, violent thing was done in a place I once visited, living nearby as I did. When she told me that some of our most sacred kind were slain where I had walked, it resonated, I knew within the ancient Roman concept of power, of intersecting lines of energy…
With numerous reported attacks against the leading drones of the hive earlier this week and now the killing of our most sacred people one who does not worship as he should, think as he should, grovel as he should, apologize for his parentage as he should—one such as this, being a taboo person, should remain sensitive to broken taboos.
All such violations of the sacred will cause the teeming faithful and their wrathful priests to grow more intolerant of he who holds cross opinions, he who thinks wrongly, the thought criminal. The world its self will grow increasingly fearful of any who disagree with or dislike it. America is now where Northern Europe was in 1618.
If you are a wrong thinker:
-Avoid polling places and vote via the mail.
-Do not discuss politics in public.
-Withhold any unpopular thought.
-Avoid crowds and events.
-Never protest, march or demonstrate for or against anything.
When a great unthinking beast is wounded, to be mistaken for an enemy because you disagree with it is foolish.
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RileyJanuary 26, 2019 9:26 PM UTC

This is timely and sage advice. Prudence in all things is hard to fault. Our modern ability to respond instantly and as we wish to strangers is addictive, driving too fast across the Earth in an eye’s blink.

More and more though, it’s like peeking over the parapet into no man’s land. It’s stupid to dream there are no snipers.

I don’t gamble, and there’s no compelling reason to dangle my opinions, beliefs or name out in that killing field. I’m out of the internet game.

I also don’t place any hope in receiving fair treatment from any government representative during challenging events, and this is a year that will bring a few. As a skillful smirker and eye roller, I’m probably guilty of face crimes already.
LaManoJanuary 18, 2019 2:52 PM UTC

Some of that is good advice, but I'm not going to hide from them.

Maybe in the heart of enemy territory, hunted and outnumbered, I might have to do differently than I do here,....

.... but HERE, where I live, I get along well with the police, know the sheriff personally, I know who is on my side when I'm in public (and it's MOST people), and I know who the enemy is. And they are no one to be afraid of.

That's not to say that they might try to hurt me, or import "muscle" to try to intimidate us, but although I'm afraid of some things, I'm not afraid of THEM. It's more important to me to stand up and show people what I believe, show up to vote, and not hide my views.

If the crunch comes, there are large enclaves of us that will be the core that will fight.