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'What The Actual Fuck'
Crackpot Mailbox: Scott Wants to Know What Us Up with the Cannibalistic White Bread of Harm County


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'Once I Can Get My ADD Ass to Buckle Down'


6:48 PM UTC

James, reading about your childhood and remembering other posts in which you mention being chased down for fun by whites in pick up trucks I have to ask: What The Actual Fuck is or was wrong with that area you grew up in? Can't say I grew up in or lived in a "bad" area but out of all the bad situations and characters I met in my life, the level of menace there is off the charts.

Scott, I have had many experiences, about a dozen or so, in which paleface tribesmen have threatened me for the crime of being a pedestrian in their tribal zones and also in zones dominated by ebon warriors which were once paleface tribal zones.

These areas of Baltimore City and Baltimore County include:







-Middle River


-Gray Place

The last two times this happened to me were in Essex and Middle River, and proved to follow the same trends as the others. An older pale face teen tried to pick a fight with me and three paleface construction workers in their late 20s tried to pick a fight with me while I stood, nearly crippled and leaning on a cane or umbrella, I the 5:00 A.M. rain.

In all cases, these were in areas that were traditionally Caucasian, where the majority of Caucasian males consume drugs, and where that drug trade is dominated by armed ebon warriors who sell to these palefaces and also threaten them, some times rob and beat or pistol whip and humiliate these men who yet come crawling back for more dope, often buying their dope from a pickup truck driven from the area they and their parents have fled through, through the area their parents lived, and to the area were their grandparents once lived, to buy dope from flexing, strutting ebon warriors who are now lord of the ancestral paleface domain. Think about it, driving in reverse along the path of your defeated folk's ancestral flight from ebon might, and then, after getting your paleface pain meds, repeating the humiliating exodus of generations in a mere 20 minutes.

In many cases, these men seemed to have been high on coke or crack on their way out of town as I stood little, pale and alone, and lately old and infirm, in all ebon areas waiting for the bus or walking like some pathetic peasant. I am to them a doable target, not an invincible mighty ebon whirlwind of destruction, but a mere mortal paleface. Also, as a pedestrian, I am universally reviled in the Baltimore area as a white loser and often harassed by cops due to my very low social status. The lowest down person in the hood is the cracker on foot and that was me. Those city hicks, suburban NFL fans, posing suburban rednecks and other assorted white rabbits who had fled the ebon lions that rule Harm City, like the police and like the 17 ebony attackers who came for me in 2017, all saw in me a likely vent for their aggression.

Unlike the reason for crime given by the liberal myth builders of our sick society, who claim that poor attack rich, it is a fact that most violence [including all violence against children and pedestrians] is committed by people who are at least one economic level above the target of their wrath. For instance, my every attacker last year, had a smart phone, where I have a flip phone. Many of these attackers owned vehicles, while I walked like a caveman of old.

Now, in places like Wyoming, Utah, Oregon and Colorado I have met with nothing but courtesy and kindness from palefaces in pickup trucks. But wherever the sissy pale man is beaten down and driven from the streets of his neighborhood and then driven from his place of birth all together, he harbors a self-hatred for his cowardice and a deep resentment for the last white man to stand against the ebon tide as he cowers, dreaming his drugged dreams in his sissy hide.

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