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Harm City Head Shots
Manny Soprano is Working up the Murderbowl Stats...In the Mean Time

Below is the cover letter from Manny concerning his second murderbowl report. He and Lynn are currently working on posting the final report on the BlogSpot, which will be linked back to this article when it goes up, as it is a table which cannot be replicated here.

If you haven’t already read them, you can disregard my prior e-mails. I didn’t feel good just stabbing at the Portland shooting figure so I did a little further research and attempted to extrapolate Portland (a/k/a “New White Devil City”) shootings from some statewide figures I could find. That affected the Portland numbers substantially.

Attached are my final 2018 Murderbowl charts in PDF and Word format with those revisions. I could have spent more time, and sliced these figures in many different ways, but work calls. I am sure these figures can be criticized, but they are my best shot at delivering what you and I discussed. Being somewhat of a math retard myself, I hope I have not made any calculation errors.

Some general observations on the chart:

· The higher the lethality rate, the more likely the people shot ended up dead.

· The lower the Area/Homicide number, the more dangerous the city. Same with Area/Shot number.

· The second page, breaking out total homicide and shooting numbers based on total population vs. ebon population is surely the most controversial information. It may not be fair or accurate to make these calculations—and it is certainly politically incorrect—but I did them anyway at your request. With regard to all of these rates, theoretically, the higher the number the more dangerous the place.

I hope this helps in your crackpottery.

All the best,


Majority of Baltimore homicide victims in 2018 were shot in the head, analysis shows - The Baltimore Sun


Tue, Jan 8, 10:29 AM (10 days ago)

"More than half of Baltimore’s 309 homicide victims in 2018 were shot in the head, according to the police department’s annual homicide analysis released Wednesday.

There were 175 victims with fatal head wounds last year, which accounted for 57 percent of all homicides. In 2017, 45 percent of the city’s 342 homicides involved head wounds; in 2016, 47 percent of the city’s 318 homicides did."

So reports the doll-baby Baltimore Sun reporter. Shootings in Harm City have been extremely brutal up-close affairs since I was in my 20s and met Bubba Crank, who had 4 brothers, all of whom had done short stints in prison for "shootin' some nigga in da head," establishing themselves as a hitter clan not to be trifled with, as 2 or 3 were always "inside" and a like number "outside da joint." Suffice it to say that Harm City marksmanship basically consists of getting close enough to a punch a dude and then shooting him instead.

For more read the article below.


As a follow up to the Murderbowl stats sent, this article may account for the Harm City Hoodrat’s excellent performance this year.


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