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‘Pat Me Down’
My Friendliest Encounter with a Cop

Out here in the Bereft Coast, I ran into a Portland Area cop, who is a reader, who admitted to being an out of uniform cop and placed his hands in the air, turned his back and offered for me to pat him down. Not knowing how this is even done, I declared my trust and he asked me, “Have you left Baltimore over the Sean Suiter case? I know you reported on it and then disappeared. Do you think the BPD was a threat to you?”

In case that thought resides in any well-meant minds reading this site I’d like to set the record straight:

-I reported on the Sean Suiter killing at least five times on audio and in writing.

-I, along with most Baltimoreans and the widowed wife of the slain detective, strongly believe that he was assassinated by fellow law officers of the BPD and/or other agencies.

-I do not have any proof of this.

-I know of 2 BPD officers who left the force out of fear that they would be targeted at the orders of active BPD officers high up in an active crime ring with links to other corrupt law enforcement entities.

-I was not threatened by people belonging to or claiming to belong to or represent the BPD.

-I left the Baltimore Area for reasons of economic necessity due to my failure to earn as a fulltime writer.

-I will not be reporting on the Sean Suiter case in the future for the reason that the fear etched on the faces of the two BPD officers that spoke to me out of their former jurisdiction reminded me that I too am a coward and have no desire to have my epitaph scrawled on the BPD secret whiteboard next to the name of that fallen detective, with the legend, “This Fool Too.”

I will, in the way of a Parthian shot, from 2,900 miles away relay the following messages from people currently inside of and outside of the BPD terror zone and following the case, relate their messages to me concerning the so-called investigation:

#1: “I also read a bunch of stories on Sean Suiter in Baltimore. There is a lot of good reporting in The Baltimore Sun on it.”

#2: “They’re [Law Enforcement] still trying to say it was a daylight, street corner suicide by a black man—none of which are remotely likely. His wife ain’t haven’t it though. Bitch better walk away before she offs herself. Hell, if she don’ shut-the-fuck-up she’ll be the first African American woman to commit suicide in the Twenty-First Century!”

#3: “The BPD should be dissolved and replaced with time travelling Indians.”

If the last comment intrigues you try reading Thunderbird by James LaFond

A Once Great Medieval City: 2016: Impressions of Baltimore Maryland

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Bryce SharperFebruary 2, 2019 1:02 AM UTC

See, James, the cops out here are better. Officer Friendly still exists. Oregon cops even put down an Antifa the other day.
Lynn LockhartFebruary 1, 2019 5:54 PM UTC

Here is a twitter thread I made on the case: